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  • Computer Science - Liberal Arts

    Associate of Science
    This two-year computer science program prepares you to complete your bachelor's degree at a four-year college or university in Colorado. In addition to fulfilling general education credit requirements, students will learn programming language and build skills within the computer science and programming discipline such as algorithm development, data representation, logical expressions and problem solving techniques. This is a liberal arts degree with designation (DWD).
  • Learn the general-purpose, object-oriented programming language C#. Build the skills to develop modern front-end or back-end applications and prepare for A+ certification.
  • Gain basic knowledge of how to read and interpret blueprints while becoming familiar with different types of building materials and construction techniques. Topics include a study of soils, concrete, brick, masonry, steel, timber, and plastics and a study of types of building structural systems.
  • Construction Management

    Associate of Applied Science
    Gain hands-on knowledge and skills in blueprint reading, surveying, project estimating and construction project management. Learn foundational architecture and computer aided drafting (CAD) software used in construction.
  • Criminal Justice

    Associate of Applied Science
    Gain interdisciplinary knowledge of law and social justice while developing a deeper understanding of the ethical behaviors demanded by the multi-faceted fields of employment within criminal justice. This includes the areas of corrections, juvenile justice, law enforcement, forensics, social services, victim advocacy, and the private sector.
  • Study the basic components of the criminal justice system in the US along with the historical foundation of policing systems and the emergence of relationship issues between law enforcement and community. Examine the history and elements of the correctional process and the criminal justice system. This is a liberal arts degree with designation (DWD).
  • This criminal justice certificate program is geared toward high school students interested in earning a criminal justice degree. Study criminal justice basics, policing and judicial systems, and correctional processes.
  • This criminal justice certificate program is geared toward high school students who earned the Level I certificate and want to continue earning credit toward a criminal justice degree while still in high school. Study constitutional law, English composition, human relation in social conflict, and criminology.
  • Learn the fundamentals of cyber security, cyber law, vulnerability assessment and digital forensics. Learn to implement a multi-layered approach to the latest threats and vulnerabilities to secure information.