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Portrait of Brian Dunning

Brian Dunning

Chair/Professor - Graphic Design & Rich Media

Brian Dunning is a Bachelor's graduate of Cornish College of the Arts in 1986, now Cornish Institute in Seattle, WA. Brian paints primarily in the encaustic medium of melted wax, shows locally at the Madison and Main Gallery in Greeley, and teaches summer painting workshops at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC.

Brian gained his industry experience from 1995 to 1997, as an Industrial Designer, CAD draftsman, and model maker for Johnson Engineering, an R&D firm with various contracts with the city of Boulder and NASA in Houston. Brian constructed multiple 200th scale CNC models of the International Space Station (ISS) for executives. Designed lunar device models for a theme park in Japan. Assembled full-scale racks for ground training and equipment for the ISS at NASA in Houston, TX.

He cut his teaching chops at the Colorado Institute of Art between 1997- 2000 where he was a full-time Instructor with classes ranging from Photo Manipulation, Illustration, and 3D Modeling and Animation in the Media and Animation department at CIA.

Professor Dunning is full-time faculty of the Graphic Design & Rich Media program at Aims Community College since 2000 and earned his Master's degree from UNC at that time. He was hired to head up the newly formed Interactive Design portion of the Graphic Technology department and teach electronic arts such as Animation, Web, and Motion Graphics. In 2016 he took on the department chair role, which includes but is not limited to curriculum development, advising, maintaining the program, and its many connections to Aims.

Brian is also a local business owner of Balloon Art by Merry Makers with his wife Allison since 2001. Together they have won several national competitions. Brian is a gold-level Master face painter since 2007. Brian and Allison are both exceptional balloon artists who won a Bee costume contest in Las Vegas in 2019 at Bling Bling Jam; an annual balloon conference. “We took first place, and won the judges over not with my dancing, but the detail in the wings”. - Brian Dunning