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Lillian Baty-Barr

Part-Time: FCA Physical Conditioning & Personal Training Associate

Areas of Interest: I have spent time working with the cancer population and still spend time doing that but I am also interested in working with young adults, older populations, and anyone who is interested in getting started in the exercise world!

Personal Training Philosophy: My training philosophy is to encourage daily movement in as many people as possible. Exercise benefits us in so many ways, physically, mentally & emotionally and it allows us to find confidence in ourselves. Movement and exercise come in so many different forms and I'm sure there's a method that aligns with all of us! I like to take a more functional approach to training, ensuring that the exercises I'm doing can translate into feeling strong and capable during activities we perform day to day.

Fun Facts: I was a gymnast for 14 years & I have music playing constantly!


ACE certified Personal Trainer, NASM Behavior Change, Clinical Cancer Exercise Specialist, CPR & AED certified


BA in Sport & Exercise Science from UNC with a minor in Nutrition, Currently pursuing a Masters in Exercise Physiology