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Search all of our locations and buildings across our four campuses.

  • Welding Technology Wing

    Greeley Campus, Applied Technology and Trades Center
    The Welding Technology wing is where students prepare to successfully enter the welding field. The state-of-the-art facilities allow for learning in the areas of welding and cutting processes as well as print reading, fabrication, metallurgy and weld inspection.
  • Westview Building

    Greeley Campus
    This two-floor building houses 25 classrooms as well as offices for faculty and staff. Classes held here are within the academic program areas of social sciences, business, English and foreign language studies.
  • Windsor Campus

    Windsor Campus
    The Windsor campus is home to the Automotive and Public Safety programs. The state-of-the-art Automotive and Technology Center and Public Safety Institute facilities provide the perfect hands-on learning equipment for students to prepare for a career in these fields of study.
  • Writing Center

    Greeley Campus, Student Commons
    Students are able to receive writing assistance from tutors at the Writing Center. This is part of Tutoring Services located within the Learning Commons.