Aims Community College's Mascot Predicts Six More Weeks of Winter at the 2nd Annual GroundVARK Day

Aims Community College's mascot, Arty the Aardvark, today predicted six more weeks of winter at the second annual GroundVARK Day, a unique twist on the traditional Groundhog Day.

Group of men with Aardvark mascot

Aims’ CEO and President Leah L. Bornstein and Board of Trustee Mark Hout led the ceremony while members of Aims’ Cabinet donned top hats, mustaches and bow ties as Arty’s Inner Circle for this special occasion.

Arty arrived riding in the debut appearance of the Aims Artymobile, an eight passenger touring cart recently acquired by the Admissions, Advising, and Recruitment team. While this eight person cart will assist in providing an efficient full scope of the campus during tours, today it ushered in the guest of honor with an entourage from that team. He made his way to the podium and delivered good news in his native tongue, Groundvarkese, as translated by Trustee Hout, “Despite this snow, as you know, Northern Colorado weather changes are more than a trend. Perchance this winter has come to an end? Oh, no, no for I see my nose shadow has been cast. Six more weeks of winter is in my forecast!” The prognostication was met with celebrations from the crowd.” Unlike last year, Arty’s cousin, the famed Punxsutawney Phil, made the same prediction as Arty this year.

“Arty the Aardvark represents the pride we share and very purpose of Aims: Build a Stronger Community,” said Aims’ CEO and President Dr. Leah L. Bornstein. “Arty’s character exhibits Aims’ commitment to meaningful relationships, creating shared memories, providing a nurturing environment for all who come to Aims and a sincere investment in the future. Students receive tremendous value with quality and affordable education at Aims, along with a caring culture that likes to have a little fun.”

Today’s event took place near the Allied Health and Sciences building, which opened in 2007, housing Aims’ med prep, nursing, nurse side, radiologic technology, surgical technology, sterile instrument processing, chemistry, physics, geology and biology programs. More than 300 students are currently enrolled in Allied Health programs and the building is home to many state-of-the-art simulations labs. Aims Community College Allied Health programs have enjoyed a high level of success, awarding nearly 4,300 degrees and certificates since 2004 with graduates maintaining license exam pass rates well above the national average. In fact, Aims graduates hold over a 90 percent success rate in all Allied Health programs.

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Watch Arty prepare for his big day in the style of the Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day”

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About Arty the Aardvark
Aardvarks were a favorite of Aims’ first President, Dr. Ed Beaty. Soon after Aims moved from the original location and into its new home in west Greeley, the students voted the aardvark as the official mascot and later named him, Arty. In 1969, Arty was replaced as the mascot by a Saint Bernard, but the aardvark made a return in the 80’s with the creation of the Howling Aardvarks fictitious football team. Arty, in his modern form, is just beginning to return to the Aims community with a fresh look and energy. You can spot him at many Aims events spreading cheer to the crowds. Learn more about Arty the Aardvark.

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