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Aims Community Theatre Presents “Firebringer: A Stone Age Musical”

The Aims Community Theater (ACT) Group is presenting “Firebringer: A Stone Age Musical” this April. 

Firebringer Cast Dress rehersal posing in costume

"Firebringer” is a comedic musical set in the Stone Age, showcasing tribal life as comic and goofy, combining a dose of invention with a splash of prehistoric hilarity.

“Firebringer,” written by StarKid Productions, transports us to a time long before recorded history, where early humans roamed the Earth. At the story’s center is a tribe of these primitive beings led by Zazzalil. When they stumble upon the discovery of fire, their world is forever changed, setting off a series of comedic misadventures and profound realizations about the nature of progress and humanity itself.

Performances are held in the Ed Beaty Hall Theater on the Aims Community College Greeley Campus. The venue is a small performance space that creates an intimate theater experience. Tickets are $10, are expected to sell out, and are available at A student rate is available — email for the promo code.

All ticket proceeds and donations will help fund the 2025 ACT productions. Showtimes are as follows:

April 5 | 7 p.m. (PG)
April 6 | 7 p.m. (mature audiences)
April 7 | 1 p.m. (PG)
April 12 | 7 p.m. (mature audiences)
April 13 | 7 p.m. (mature audiences)
April 14 | 1 p.m. (PG)

The show has two versions, one rated PG and one using more explicit language for adult audiences. Aims Theater Director and Instructor Benjamin Kessler explains, “The language is very robust; they drop the F-bomb regularly.”  The production made a few changes to make the show appropriate for all in particular performances. “We want to make sure we were offering it to as many people as we could, while still, it‘s super important to us also to honor the authors and their intent,” he said. 

“Firebringer” is the first musical production for ACT. “I'm very excited about being able to be a part of the first musical,” said Aims Liberal Arts student and actor Paris Conder. “It's been very fun to watch everything build together.”

Stage Manager Alexis Emerson found the musical aspect a unique challenge. “From a production side, a smaller theater group being able to produce a musical technically becomes a little more tricky.”  Finding the right cast and getting the sound right are just a few obstacles the group has successfully ironed out. “It's definitely been an adventure trying to get all that stuff done.”

Allo Fiber and NOCO Elevator Inspections Logo“Firebringer” has a larger budget than previous shows. This is primarily due to its Kick-off Season sponsors  Allo Fiber and Northern Colorado Elevator Inspections. The production has also used on-campus resources, including the Construction & Engineering Technology students, to help design and build the set. The Communication Media Department is taking on the live and background effects. The Music Department has pulled together sounds, music, and choral work. 

Kessler finds joy in pulling the production together and the hard work that goes into it. “I’m regularly just blown away at the talent and dedication and the wondrous work that ACT does.” He estimates that every minute of dialogue or action equates to an hour of rehearsal time. “This is an hour-and-a-half-long show, so that's a lot of hours and a lot of hard work from people.” 

“Firebringer: A Stone Age Musical”

The cast and crew of “Firebringer” believe that the story and its themes are universal and will resonate with many people. 

It talks a lot about community and how we unify as a community,” Kessler said. “There is a bit about women's empowerment and equality. I think it's super relevant.” 

Liz Bowden, an Aims student who also acts in the show, appreciates the play's message. “The satire allows us to see historical issues from different cultural perspectives of human evolution.”  She says it shines a light on how some ancient people were treated and the issues they encountered. “It allows it to be brought up in conversation, but in a way that's not direct. It's more discreet.”

According to Josue Martinez, Aims student and “Firebringer” cast member, the show mirrors modern society.  “It's a critique in a kind of cartoonish way to view society. It's like a satire of our society and how humans can be destructive with every little thing we can find.”

Even though the show communicates weighty themes, it’s also fun. “I want people to come in and have a good time and laugh,” Kessler said. “It’s a show that lets them do that while still having some important messages.”

Theater at Aims

The Department of Theater at Aims features a dynamic curriculum that offers classes from acting and stagecraft to playwriting and theater history. Each semester, we expand our offerings to provide students with exciting opportunities for artistic exploration and skill development. The partnership with the ACT group offers students invaluable real-world experiences, collaborating with local professionals. Students gain practical skills, build networks, and hone their craft through this connection in a supportive environment. Aims has a new theater honor society, Delta Psi Omega, whose mission is to inspire creativity, camaraderie, and excellence in theater. 

More information and tickets are available at

Cast of Firebringer
Back Row (left to right): Vexus Marshall, Benjamin Kessler, Michael Hajek, (Behind) Antonio Avila, (Forward) Taylor Rehurek, Mikayla Buckles, Molly Mayo, Josué Martinez, (Behind) Tyler Nelson, (Forward) Aliyah/Mono Rodwell, (Behind) Nicko Eclipse, (Forward) Emily Clemmons, Brayden Sasse, Alexis Emerson, Amanda Coon

Front (Behind) Row (left to right): Sydnee Powell, Alycia Cross, Kianna McDowell

Front (Forward) Row (left to right): Trinity Nichols, Cloé Dominguez-Schulte, Sophia Bickford, Paris Conder, Asia Cunningham Matthews, Liz Bowden