Aims Hosts Black History 101 Mobile museum

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion at Aims Community College hosted Black History 101 Mobile Museum and a lecture presentation by founder Khalid el-Hakim to commemorate black history month.

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The Black History 101 Mobile Museum is an award winning collage of over 7,000 original artifacts. The museum was designed to deliver a fresh and creative lens to develop a broad appreciation and spark safe conversations about race and social justice across the nation.

Mary Ann Lucero, Program Director of Aims CDI, first learned of this thought-provoking exhibit at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity. It was clear that Khalid’s commitment to making the black history movement more accessible to the public was in step with the goals of the recently opened center at Aims.The Center for Diversity and Inclusion opened in 2018 on the Greeley Campus with a goal to acknowledge and build awareness of the multiple identities which shape the community of Aims.

“This was the first time Aims offered a program which challenged us to understand the perpetuation of racism while allowing us to lean into productive dialogue,” said Lucero. “Learning about the black history movement allows us to unearth barriers in our thinking and feeling so that we can better understand inequities and differences.”

Nearly 100 students, faculty and staff embraced the opportunity to explore this unique collection. “The artifacts from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Era stood out the most to me,” said Aims student Linddy Heri. “They demonstrated how intentionally a community of people were being harmed through images. I’m glad Aims brought the museum to campus because it helps educate on the entire movement.”

Curated over 25 years, the collection represents history spanning from the slavery era through hip-hop culture, combining black history with current social justice issues. This was the first visit to Aims Community College for the Black History 101 Mobile Museum. Aims Council for Equity and Inclusion, as well as the Faculty Teaching and Learning Center, were co-sponsors of this event experience.

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