Aims Plans to be Fully Open Again for Fall Semester

Aims Community College is moving forward with plans to offer in-person classes along with remote, online and hybrid learning options when fall classes begin August 23.

Aardvark Mascot outside in snow

“We are finally beginning to see our way out of the tumult brought on by the pandemic,” said Dr. Leah Bornstein, Aims Community College president and CEO. “Given the current downward trends in COVID-19 cases and the continued rollout of vaccines, we are optimistic we will be able to open fully this fall.”

Because of the uncertainty surrounding the nature of the pandemic, the college will continue to finalize plans and use information provided by the CDC, federal, state and local governments, and other health authorities. 

Throughout this unique year of learning, many Aims students have found they learn better in-person. Others have discovered that online learning serves them best. Some students prefer a blend of both. Aims plans to offer all those learning options while also fully re-opening student services and events.

“I’m thrilled at the prospect of opening fully, celebrating our return, and creating our next reality together,” Bornstein said. “This is a positive step forward for all of us.”