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Aims Receives Award for Construction Excellence from Associated General Contractors

Aims received top honors at the annual Associated General Contractors (AGC) Colorado Industry Gala and ACE Awards in Denver. During the state's biggest commercial building construction event of the year, Aims received the Award for Construction Excellence.

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During the state’s biggest commercial building construction event of the year, Aims received the Award for Construction Excellence (ACE)in the category for Best Building Project ($10-$40Million) for the Aims’ Greeley north campus refresh project.

“This is a well deserved award that will revolutionize workforce development,” said Dr. Leah L. Bornstein, CEO/President of Aims. “From concept, to completion, to the classroom, this endeavor fundamentally focuses on student experiences and future growth at every turn. The ultimate achievement is creating a transformational environment that enhances the course of study in multiple programs.” The award winning project recognized a large scale project, completed in 2017, which combined new construction with renovations and innovations.

The ACE award criteria included solutions demonstrating construction innovations, state of the art advancements, environment/safety, excellence in project execution/team approach and excellence in client service. In total, the criteria were designed to measure the impact of contribution to the community.

Included in the project, was a new three-story Applied Technology and Trades Center (ATTC) on Aims Greeley campus, home to the Construction Management, Engineering, Technology, Industrial Technology and Oil and Gas Technology programs. In addition to classrooms, the buildings contains a 7,000 square foot Fabrication Lab and a forward thinking Maker Space, open to students and community members to facilitate design, building and first hand production application opportunities. Learning immersion is provided with a cutaway design where the learning tools about building are within the building. From visually-exposed elevator gears, to color-coded conduit, to propellers in the HVAC ducts, the structure is serves a a model for construction education.

The broader project involved four new buildings for Facilities and Operations, including Facilities Administration, totaling 34,000 square feet. Renovation of the adjacent building which house the Welding program, were incorporated to stimulate additional learning space. “We wanted the building to tell its own story back to the students,” Bob Binder, Principal Architect from DLR Group, said. “The future of the AEC industry will come from this building. It embodies the full life cycle of AEC.”

Michael Millsapps, Executive Director of Aims Facilities and Operations said, “It is so rewarding for the Facilities and Operations Department to be part of these amazing projects at Aims. The ATTC project represents involvement across the Aims community. It is humbling to be a part of continued growth at Aims that supports building a stronger community.”

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