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Alumni Spotlight - Debbie Heine

This Aims accounting graduate still works for the same firm that hired her upon graduation four decades ago.

Debbie Heine graduated from Aims in 1981 with an associate degree in accounting. Prior to starting classes at Aims, Heine had been married and worked in various office positions until deciding that accounting was her real passion. She chose Aims because the accounting program started students in the discipline with few required courses outside of the field.

Heine says she was fortunate to have a good relationship with one of her accounting instructors, Betty Buxman, who also had a good relationship with her future employer, Anderson & Whitney, P.C. Ken Whitney, one of the original founders of the firm and an avid supporter of Aims, contacted Buxman in August of 1981 asking if she could recommend someone qualified to fill a para-professional position they had available. Heine interviewed with Whitney over the phone and a week later, on September 6th, 1981, she began her accounting career. Today, she is still with Anderson & Whitney as their Controller. 

“The college’s relationship with the business community was, and I believe still continues to be, an integral part of the success of Aims and the students that attend."