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Alumni Spotlight - G. Mark & Laura Lewis

G. Mark received his AA in Liberal Arts from Aims and began working in the Biofeedback Lab in 1981 before moving over to Media Services as a Graphic Designer. Laura started working at Aims Community College in 1991.

G. Mark & Laura Lewis

Although G. Mark recalls meeting Laura at a college event in a previous year, he never had a good excuse to come visit her at her office in the Farm House – a then-desolate part of the Greeley campus. It wasn’t until 1998 that G. Mark found his opportunity to see her again, when Laura volunteered to serve on College Council. Then a shared governance committee of faculty, staff, and administrators, G. Mark was already serving on College Council and was eager to help Laura "learn the ropes." Young and clueless, she says, Laura had no idea he had ulterior motives until he asked her out a few weeks later.  They kept the romance under wraps for a long time, as G. Mark took on the Staff Association presidency and Laura became the Vice President.

One day in 2000, while waiting to go into dinner with students, G. Mark recalled to Laura that his colleague suggested making an “honest woman” of her. Laura responded, “Well, I wouldn’t mind.” G. Mark said, 

Did you just propose to me?

Laura said, “I think I did!”

They had kept their relationship so quiet that very soon after, G. Mark told the Staff Association board "Laura's going to get married!" and the group asked, "To who?!" 

Laura and G. Mark were married in 2001 and they honeymooned in Estes Park. They both still work at Aims Community College, Laura as an Institutional Research Data Specialist and G. Mark as a part-time instructor of photography. G. Mark also runs a photography business out Artworks in Loveland, just around the corner from Aims’ Loveland campus. They have been together for nearly 20 years and are both grateful to Aims for bringing them together.