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Alumni Spotlight - Hannah Pratt

Hannah Pratt graduated from Aims in 2014 with an associate of Political Science.

With 75 credits, a Distinguished Scholar Award and a place on the President’s List, Pratt transferred to the University of Northern Colorado and in May of 2016, she graduated with Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science and a minor in English.

Pratt was recently accepted into the Master of Art program for Modern and Post-Modern British and American Literature and Film at University College Cork in Ireland.

“Honestly, the only reason I feel I can afford grad school is because of Aims. I took 75 credits at Aims and all of them transferred to UNC. If I had… gone straight to CSU after high school, I would have over $30,000 in student debt right now. So I'm extremely grateful for Aims, and the opportunities that have come from it, like the possibility of going to Ireland.”

While at Aims, Pratt was an engaged and active member of creative writing groups and participated in the first Aims Arts Night, as well as worked closely with faculty member Kendra Griffin in the English department.

“There's no way I would have been accepted if it wasn't for [Kendra Griffin’s] letter of recommendation, her nomination for Distinguished Scholar and, most importantly, her instruction on my writing and literary skills. I thank her so much for all she’s done for me.”

From her application to University College Cork:

“I wish to be a part of this MA program because I want to better understand my world through the literature and film that define the culture. I want to sink deep into the words of Vonnegut, Shelley, Austen and stare right back at Alex’s forced-open eyes in A Clockwork Orange. In a world that moves closer to a post-truth reality of science, art, religion and politics, literature supposes to add meaning in scarcity.”