College president and community members at ribbon cutting


  • Adrian Felix Headshot

    Alumni Spotlight - Adrian Felix

    July 01, 2021
    When he started at Aims Community College in 2012, Adrian Felix had no idea what he wanted to do. The aptitude test he took during his first semester revealed a bent toward media and communications.
  • Betzy Valdez Family Photo

    Alumni Spotlight - Betzy Valdez

    June 01, 2021
    Betzy Valdez is not one to back down from a challenge. “Right after high school, there were so many challenges and I felt like obtaining a college degree was something unattainable for me. I lost hope.”
  • Val Lopez headshot

    Alumni Spotlight - Val Lopez

    May 01, 2021
    As one of eleven children, living the first several years of life on the Rocky Boy Reservation, home to the Chippewa Cree tribe, Valeriano (Val) never thought about going to college.