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The Resource Library hosts all the documents for the website as well as web form links. Use the filter tool on this page to narrow your search down by title, tags, degree and more. Some resources are viewable only to employees, staff or students so make sure you are logged into the website to view all results.

Name Type Audience
1 Legal Organization Policy/Procedure
1-290 Drugs and Alcohol Policy Policy/Procedure
1-300 College Organizations Policy Policy/Procedure
1-302 Aims Staff Association Policy Policy/Procedure
10 Composition and Terms of the Board Policy/Procedure
100 Aims Faculty Association Policy/Procedure
100-01 Aims Faculty Association Procedure Policy/Procedure
101 Academic Freedom Policy/Procedure
101-01 Academic Freedom Procedure Policy/Procedure
102 Scholarly Ethics Policy Policy/Procedure
102-01 Classroom Use of Faculty Created Materials Procedure Policy/Procedure
103 Grading System Policy/Procedure
103-01 Incomplete Grades Procedure Policy/Procedure
103-02 Grading System Procedure Policy/Procedure
105 Class Cancellation Policy Policy/Procedure
106 Academic Degrees and Certificates Policy/Procedure
106-01 Academic Degrees and Certificates Procedure Policy/Procedure
107 Graduation Requirements Policy/Procedure
107-01 Graduation Honors Procedure Policy/Procedure
107-02 Graduation Requirements Procedure Policy/Procedure
11 Trustee Elections and Trustee District Boundaries Policy/Procedure
11-01 Trustee Elections Procedure Policy/Procedure
110 New Program Development and Review of Existing Programs Policy/Procedure
110-01 New Program Development and Review of Existing Programs Procedure Policy/Procedure
111 Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Credit Policy/Procedure
111-01 Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Credit Procedure Policy/Procedure
112 Credit Hour Policy/Procedure
112-01 Credit Hour Procedure Policy/Procedure
112-02 Student Academic Course Load Policy/Procedure
113 Research, Publication, and Creation of Materials by Employees and Students Policy/Procedure
116 Classroom Visitor & Invited Guest Policy/Procedure
116-01 Classroom Visitor & Invited Guest Procedure Policy/Procedure
117 Faculty Credentials Policy/Procedure
117-01 Faculty Credentials Procedure Policy/Procedure
119 Faculty Staffing Guidelines Policy/Procedure
119-01 Faculty Staffing Guidelines Procedure Policy/Procedure
12 Board Officer Elections and Responsibilities Policy/Procedure
12-Month Enrollment Report Document
120 Faculty Overload Policy/Procedure
120-01 Faculty Overload Procedure Policy/Procedure
13 Trustee Vacancies Policy/Procedure
14 Presentations from Guests and Representatives to the Board Policy/Procedure
14-01 Presentations from Guests and Representatives to the Board Procedure Policy/Procedure
15 Conflict of Interest Policy/Procedure
15-01 Conflict of Interest Procedure Policy/Procedure
16 Code of Ethics Policy/Procedure
16-01 Code of Conduct & Code of Ethics Procedure Policy/Procedure
17 Insurance and Indemnification Policy/Procedure
18 Compensation, Reimbursement, and Travel Policy/Procedure
18-01 Reimbursement and Travel Procedure Policy/Procedure