Resource Library

Name Type Audience
1 Legal Organization Policy/Procedure
1-105 Code of Ethics Policy Policy/Procedure
1-1100 Secure and Verifiable Documents Policy Policy/Procedure
1-290 Drugs and Alcohol Policy Policy/Procedure
1-300 College Organizations Policy Policy/Procedure
1-302 Aims Staff Association Policy Policy/Procedure
1-500 Declaration of Financial Exigency Policy Policy/Procedure
1-500A Financial Exigency Procedure Policy/Procedure
1-700 Institutional Review Board Policy Policy/Procedure
1-700A Promotion of Research Procedure Policy/Procedure
1-800 Aims Community College Foundation Policy Policy/Procedure
1-850 Office of Grants and Restricted Funds Policy Policy/Procedure
10 Composition and Terms of the Board Policy/Procedure
100 Aims Faculty Association Policy/Procedure
100-01 Aims Faculty Association Procedure Policy/Procedure
102 Scholarly Ethics Policy Policy/Procedure
102-01 Classroom Use of Faculty Created Materials Procedure Policy/Procedure
103-01 Incomplete Grades Procedure Policy/Procedure
105 Class Cancellation Policy Policy/Procedure
107-01 Graduation Honors Procedure Policy/Procedure
11 Trustee Elections and Trustee District Boundaries Policy/Procedure
11-01 Trustee Elections Procedure Policy/Procedure
112 Credit Hour Policy/Procedure
112-01 Credit Hour Procedure Policy/Procedure
112-02 Student Academic Course Load Policy/Procedure
12 Board Officer Elections and Responsibilities Policy/Procedure
12-Month Enrollment Report Document
13 Trustee Vacancies Policy/Procedure
14 Presentations from Guests and Representatives to the Board Policy/Procedure
14-01 Presentations from Guests and Representatives to the Board Procedure Policy/Procedure
15 Conflict of Interest Policy/Procedure
15-01 Conflict of Interest Procedure Policy/Procedure
16 Code of Ethics Policy/Procedure
16-01 Code of Ethics Procedure Policy/Procedure
17 Insurance and Indemnification Policy/Procedure
18 Compensation, Reimbursement, and Travel Policy/Procedure
18-01 Reimbursement and Travel Procedure Policy/Procedure
19 Board Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities Policy/Procedure
2 Purpose Policy/Procedure
2-100 Academic Freedom Policy Policy/Procedure
2-1000 Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Credit Policy Policy/Procedure
2-1000B Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Credit Procedure Policy/Procedure
2-200 Grading System Policy Policy/Procedure
2-210 Fresh Start Policy Policy/Procedure
2-210: Fresh Start for Returning Students Policy Policy/Procedure
2-210A Fresh Start for Returning Students Procedure Policy/Procedure
2-210A Fresh Start Procedure Policy/Procedure
2-250 Academic Standards Policy Policy/Procedure
2-250A Academic Standards - Terms and Responsibilities Procedure Policy/Procedure
2-250B Academic Standards - Early Alert Procedure Policy/Procedure