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Name Type Audience
4-101C Request for Reasonable Accommodation Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-1100 Public Employees' Retirement Association Policy Policy/Procedure
4-1150 Status Of Employees Policy Policy/Procedure
4-1200 Insurance Policy Policy/Procedure
4-1525 Employee Tuition Waiver and Reimbursement Policy Policy/Procedure
4-1525A Employee & Retiree Tuition Scholarship Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-1525A Employee Tuition Waiver and Reimbursement Policy/Procedure
4-1600B Summer Hours Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-1650B Board Travel Expense Reimbursement Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-1650C Travel and Relocation Expense Reimbursement for Applicants and New Hires Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-1700 Staff Development Policy Policy/Procedure
4-1800 Advanced Study/Outside Employment Policy Policy/Procedure
4-1900 Drug-Free Workplace Policy Policy/Procedure
4-200 Employment of Full-Time Personnel and Part-Time Faculty Policy Policy/Procedure
4-2000 Conflict Of Interest Policy Policy/Procedure
4-2000A Conflict Of Interest Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-200A Institutional Hiring Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-200B Filling Positions Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-200C Reduction In Force Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-200D Reorganization Procedure
4-200G Background Checks Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-200H Employment References Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-200I Employment Eligibility and Verification- I-9 Compliance Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-2050 Conflict of Interest for Financial Aid Professionals Policy Policy/Procedure
4-2050A: Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct for Financial Aid Professionals Policy/Procedure
4-2100 Employer-Paid Dues and Memberships Policy Policy/Procedure
4-2100A Employer-Paid Dues and Memberships Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-300 Nepotism Policy Policy/Procedure
4-300A Nepotism Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-400 Evaluation Policy Policy/Procedure
4-440 Interns and Volunteers Policy Policy/Procedure
4-440A Interns and Volunteers Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-500 Retirement Policy Policy/Procedure
4-503 Emeritus Status Policy Policy/Procedure
4-503A Emeritus Status Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-504 Transitional Retirement Policy Policy/Procedure
4-504A Transitional Retirement Program Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-600 Compensation Policy Policy/Procedure
4-600B Catalyst Compensation Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-600C Pay For Temporary Out-Of-Classification Assignment Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-601 Overtime Policy Policy/Procedure
4-605 Acting and Interim Capacity Policy Policy/Procedure
4-605A Acting and Interim Capacity - Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-610A Employee Discount Program Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-610A Employee Discount Program Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-701 Faculty Load Policy Policy/Procedure
4-701A Faculty Load Procedure Policy/Procedure
4-800 Faculty Due Process Policy Policy/Procedure
4-801 Faculty Reduction In Force Policy Policy/Procedure
4-900 Resignation, Suspension and Termination of Administrators and Staff Policy Policy/Procedure