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The Resource Library hosts all the documents for the website as well as web form links. Use the filter tool on this page to narrow your search down by title, tags, degree and more. Some resources are viewable only to employees, staff or students so make sure you are logged into the website to view all results.

Name Type Audience
600-01 Academic Fresh Start Procedure Policy/Procedure
601 and 601-01: Repeated Courses Policy and Procedure Policy/Procedure
602 Academic Standards Policy/Procedure
602-01 Academic Standing Statuses and Appeal Procedure Policy/Procedure
602-05 No-Show & Last Date of Attendance Reporting Procedure Policy/Procedure
602-06 Developmental Education Placement for Students Procedure Policy/Procedure
603 Transfer Credit Policy/Procedure
603-01 Transfer Credit Procedure Policy/Procedure
605-02 Non-Citizen Student Admission Procedure Policy/Procedure
608 Student Records Policy/Procedure
608-01 Chosen Name Procedure Policy/Procedure
609 Student Financial Assistance Policy Policy/Procedure
61 Communication with College Employees Policy/Procedure
611-01 Student Code of Conduct Policy/Procedure
611-01 Student Engagement, Inclusion, and Success Student Code of Conduct Procedure Policy/Procedure
611-06 Student Financial Responsibility Agreement Procedure Policy/Procedure
615 Scholarships Based on Merit Policy Policy/Procedure
616 Scholarships Based on Financial Need Policy Policy/Procedure
62 Media Policy/Procedure
620 Selective Service Registration Prerequisite to Enrollment Policy/Procedure
623 Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy/Procedure
623-01 Title IX Sexual Misconduct Procedure Policy/Procedure
63 Distinguished Fellow Award Policy/Procedure
63-01 Distinguished Fellow Award Procedure Policy/Procedure
70-Delegation of Authority to the College CEO/President Policy Policy/Procedure
71-Board of Trustees College CEO/Presidential Succession Plan Policy Policy/Procedure
72 College CEO/President Evaluation and Contract Review Policy/Procedure
73 Accreditation Policy/Procedure
74 Shared Governance Policy Policy/Procedure
74-01 Shared Governance Procedure Policy/Procedure
75 Strategic Planning Policy/Procedure
80 New Trustee Orientation Policy/Procedure
81 Professional Development Policy/Procedure
82 Board Retreat Policy/Procedure
83 Annual Priorities Policy/Procedure
84 Board Self-Evaluation Policy/Procedure
84-01 Board Self-Evaluation Procedure Policy/Procedure
Academic Calendars Document
Academic Recovery Plan Document
Academic Suspension Appeal Guidelines Document
Accounting Two-Year Schedule Document
Adams City High School 2020-21 Concurrent Enrollment Report Document
Administrative Registration Change Petition Document
Admissions Tuition Classification Addendum Document
Adult Education Interest Form Webform
Advancing Academic Achievement Two-Year Schedule Document
Agriculture Essential Skills Document
Agriculture Two-Year Schedule Document
Aims and Community Resources Document Public
Aims Annual Security Report Document