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Name Type Audience
1 Legal Organization Policy/Procedure
10 Composition and Terms of the Board Policy/Procedure
11 Trustee Elections and Trustee District Boundaries Policy/Procedure
11-01 Trustee Elections Procedure Policy/Procedure
12 Board Officer Elections and Responsibilities Policy/Procedure
13 Trustee Vacancies Policy/Procedure
14 Presentations from Guests and Representatives to the Board Policy/Procedure
14-01 Presentations from Guests and Representatives to the Board Procedure Policy/Procedure
15 Conflict of Interest Policy/Procedure
15-01 Conflict of Interest Procedure Policy/Procedure
16 Code of Ethics Policy/Procedure
16-01 Code of Conduct & Code of Ethics Procedure Policy/Procedure
17 Insurance and Indemnification Policy/Procedure
18 Compensation, Reimbursement, and Travel Policy/Procedure
18-01 Reimbursement and Travel Procedure Policy/Procedure
19 Board Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities Policy/Procedure
2 Purpose Policy/Procedure
20 Individual Trustee Authority Policy/Procedure
21 Political Activity Policy/Procedure
22 Policy and Procedure Adoption Policy/Procedure
22-01 Policy Adoption Amendment and Repeal Procedure Policy/Procedure
22-02 Procedure Adoption Amendment and Repeal Procedure Policy/Procedure
23 Naming of College Property Policy/Procedure
23 Naming of College Property Policy Policy/Procedure
23-01 Naming of College Property Policy/Procedure
24 - Code of Conduct Policy/Procedure
25 Legal Counsel Policy/Procedure
3 Vision Policy/Procedure
4 Mission Policy/Procedure
40 Board Meetings Policy/Procedure
40-01 Board Meeting Order of Agenda Procedure Policy/Procedure
40-02 Executive Session Procedure Policy/Procedure
41 Quorum and Attendance Policy/Procedure
42 Parliamentary Procedure Policy/Procedure
43 Minutes Policy/Procedure
44 Recordings Policy/Procedure
46 Public Comment Policy/Procedure
46-01 Public Comment Procedure Policy/Procedure
5 College Values Policy/Procedure
60 Communication Among Trustees Policy/Procedure
61 Communication with College Employees Policy/Procedure
62 Media Policy/Procedure
63 Distinguished Fellow Award Policy/Procedure
63-01 Distinguished Fellow Award Procedure Policy/Procedure
70-Delegation of Authority to the College CEO/President Policy Policy/Procedure
71-Board of Trustees College CEO/Presidential Succession Plan Policy Policy/Procedure
72 College CEO/President Evaluation and Contract Review Policy/Procedure
73 Accreditation Policy/Procedure
74 Shared Governance Policy Policy/Procedure
74-01 Shared Governance Procedure Policy/Procedure