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Name Type Audience
1 Legal Organization Policy/Procedure
105 Class Cancellation Policy Policy/Procedure
107-01 Graduation Honors Procedure Policy/Procedure
112-01 Credit Hour Procedure Policy/Procedure
2 Purpose Policy/Procedure
2-700 Police Academy Designation Policy Policy/Procedure
2-801 Area Vocational School Programs Policy Policy/Procedure
201 Capital Reserve and General Operating Funds Policy Policy/Procedure
202 Hiring of an External Auditor Policy Policy/Procedure
204 Procurement and Contracts Policy Policy/Procedure
204-04 Signature Authority Procedure Policy/Procedure
204-05 Contract Review and Termination Procedure Policy/Procedure
3 Vision Policy/Procedure
3-150 Institutional Partnerships Policy Policy/Procedure
3-300D Independent Contractors and Employee Supplemental Services Procedure Policy/Procedure
3-400 Reporting Requirements Policy Policy/Procedure
3-500 Document Retention Policy Policy/Procedure
3-500A Document Retention Schedule Procedure Policy/Procedure
3-500B Open Records Procedure Policy/Procedure
3-600A Children On Campus Procedure Policy/Procedure
3-700 Competition With Private Industry Policy Policy/Procedure
3-700A Facilities Use By Internal/External Community Procedure Policy/Procedure
3-705A Business Continuity Procedure Policy/Procedure
3-710A Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee Procedure Policy/Procedure
3-710B Animals On Campus Procedure Policy/Procedure
4 Mission Policy/Procedure
5 College Values Policy/Procedure
602-06 Developmental Education Placement for Students Procedure Policy/Procedure
70-Delegation of Authority to the College CEO/President Policy Policy/Procedure
71-Board of Trustees College CEO/Presidential Succession Plan Policy Policy/Procedure
74 Shared Governance Policy Policy/Procedure
Board Districting Map Document
Board Event Calendar Document
Notice of Election November 2, 2021 Document