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Aims Community College is a fully accredited two-year public college with multiple locations in northern Colorado. Greeley has been the home of the 185-acre main campus for more than 45 years. Fort Lupton, Loveland and Windsor have satellite locations, providing access to Aims across the region.

Aims offers 200 degree and certificate programs with more than 4,000 daytime, evening, weekend and on-line course offerings each year. Aims courses are designed to achieve one of two goals: transfer as credit to a four-year university or certify students to step directly into a job role.

At Aims, our mission is to help build a stronger community by providing knowledge and skills to advance quality of life, economic vitality and overall success of the communities we serve.

Tuition Comparison

As a student at Aims, you have access to a college education at the lowest tuition rate in Colorado for Weld County residents. In fact, you could go to Aims full time for two years and save enough money to pay for a third year at a four year university — with money left over!

Tuition Comparison for Colorado Schools

Tuition comparison 2016-17

Rates are based on in-state tuition for 30 registered course hours during one academic year, reflecting the 2016-17 Academic Year. Visit the tuition comparison for details.

Aims Community College Financial Statements

Advancing Academic Achievement (AAA)

In 2006, Aims began to study the retention rates of students who had remedial needs and decided to implement a program to better serve these students. 

The FYE (First-Year Experience) course was originally created for the Emerging Scholars program to support students entering a college atmosphere for the first time. Based on the study, the FYE program was expanded to include students not in Emerging Scholars who wanted to participate.

As a result, Aims has been able to drastically improve retention rates for this group. The FYE course has provided necessary support, helping students stay committed to their education.

Comparison of New Degree Seeking Students Retained Fall to Spring

Remedial Retention