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Tuition and Fees

Students can use the information provided on this page to help estimate how much it will cost to attend Aims and to make a plan for how they will pay for college.  

How to Calculate Your Cost

Here’s how to calculate the estimated cost of your tuition and fees:

  1. Find your tuition rate in the table below
  2. Add student fee of $7.00 to your tuition rate 
  3. Add  #1 and #2 together 
  4. Multiple #3 total by the number of credits for the course(es)
  5. Add a $25 Administrative Fee (one-time fee per semester)  
  6. Add any lab and/or course fees (fees found in online class schedule) 

Example: ( (tuition rate + 7.00) x (# of credits)) + $25 admin fee + (lab/course fee) = cost of course

See Estimated Costs for Degrees and Certificates.  Costs are shown as of the 2022/2023 academic year

Visit Degrees and Certificates to view programs specific information

2022-2023 Rates

Starting Fall 2022
2022-2023 rates
Rate Type In-District In-State WUE Out-of-State
Standard Rate $72 $114 $171 $443
Differential Rate $123 $214 $321 $609

See differential rate courses in the tables below.
Aviation flight fees  - Aviation rates as of 2022/2023 catalog year

Mandatory Fees

Mandatory fees per credit hour / course
Fee Amount Unit
Administrative $25.00 Per semester
Lab Fees Varies Per course
Online Course Fee $25.00 Per online course
Student $7 Per credit hour
Flight Fees / Aviation Varies Contact aviation department
B & N Access Code Varies Per course
Fee Amount Unit
Student ID Cards $3.00 - $5.00 Depends on card type
Parking Free N/A
Transcripts Free Per transcript
Diploma Free Per diploma or certificate
Replacement Diploma $10.00 Per diploma or certificate
Parking Violation $15.00 - $150.00 Per incident
Portfolio Review (PLA) Free Per credit
Course challenge fee (general) Free Per course
Course challenge fee - Aviation check ride fee $528.00 Per check ride
Discovery Flight Fee - Aviation $45.00 Per person
Check Reissue $10.00 Per check
Returned Check Per current rates Per rates by PFC
iPad Insurance $35.00 Per iPad (optional)
iPad Repair Cost $175.00 Per occurrence/event
iPad Replacement Cost $450.00 Per iPad
iPad Charging Cable $20.00 Per cable
iPad AC Adapter $20.00 Per adapter
iPad Survivor case $35.00 Per case

Differential Rate Courses

Automotive differential rate courses - updated 9/29/2021
Course Title Subject Course Number
Safety in Collision Repair ACT 110
Metal Welding and Cutting I ACT 111
Non-Structural Repair Prep ACT 121
Panel Repair and Replacements ACT 122
Metal Finishing & Body Filling ACT 123
Structural Damage Diagnosis ACT 131
Structural Damage Repair ACT 132
Surface Preparation I ACT 142
Spray Equipment Operation ACT 143
Refinishing I ACT 144
Plastics and Adhesives I ACT 151
Auto Collision Lab Exper I ACT 170
Auto Collision Lab Exper II ACT 171
Special Topics: Refinishing ACT 175
Auto Collision Repr Internsp I ACT 180
Auto Collision Internship II ACT 181
Estimating and Shop Management ACT 205
Customer Relations & Sales ACT 207
Metal Welding and Cutting II ACT 211
Adv Struct Damage Diag/Repair ACT 231
Automotive Glass Repair ACT 232
Paint Defects ACT 241
Surface Preparation II ACT 242
Refinishing II ACT 243
Final Detail ACT 244
Waterborne Paint Application ACT 245
Plastics & Adhesives II ACT 251
Special Topics: Advanced Colli ACT 275
Auto Shop Orientation ASE 101
Auto Brake Service I ASE 110
Auto Brake Service II ASE 111
Basic Auto Electricity ASE 120
Auto Elec Safety Systems ASE 122
Starting & Charging Systems ASE 123
General Engine Diagnosis ASE 130
Autofuel & Emissions Syst I ASE 134
Suspension and Steering I ASE 140
Suspension and Steering II ASE 141
Man Drive Train & Axle Maint. ASE 150
Man Trans/Transaxles&Clutches ASE 151
Man Trans/Transax/Clutch II ASE 152
Auto Drive Axle O/H ASE 153
Manual Trans/Axle Diags & Rpr ASE 154
Auto Engine Repair ASE 160
Engine Repair & Rebuild ASE 161
Automotive Engine Service ASE 162
Laboratory Experience I ASE 170
Laboratory Experience II ASE 171
Special Topics: St. & Susp. ASE 175
Engine Repair & Rebuild ASE 191
Man Trans/Transax/Clutch II ASE 192
Auto Pwr/ABS Brake Systems ASE 210
Auto/Diesel Body Electrical ASE 221
Auto Comp & Ignition Sys ASE 231
Auto Fuel Inject/Emissions II ASE 233
Drivability & Diagnosis ASE 235
Suspension and Steering III ASE 240
Auto Trans/Transaxle Service ASE 250
Auto Trans/Transaxle Repair ASE 251
Adv Automatic Trans/Transax ASE 252
Intro to HVAC Systems ASE 264
HVAC Systems ASE 265
Auto/Diesel Body Electrical ASE 291
Auto Comp & Ignition Sys ASE 292
Auto Fuel Inject/Emissions II ASE 293
Suspension and Steering III ASE 294
HVAC Systems ASE 295
Diesel Shop Orientation DPM 101
Diesel Engines I DPM 103
Diesel Fuel Systems DPM 106
Cab & Electrical PMI DPM 111
Engine Systems PMI DPM 112
Basic Heavy Duty Electricity DPM 120
Hydraulic Systems II DPM 122
Cummins B Series DPM 123
Powerstroke Engines DPM 124
Duramax DPM 125
Heavy Duty Starting & Charging DPM 126
H/D Brake I&M I DPM 131
H/D Brake I&M II DPM 132
H/D Drive Train I&M DPM 133
Suspension & Steering I&M DPM 134
H/D Electrical I&M DPM 135
Lab Experience I DPM 170
Diesel Fuel Systems DPM 191
Hydraulic Systems I DPM 192
Diesel Engines II DPM 203
Heavy Duty Dynamic Brake Syst DPM 209
Diesel Air Induction & Exhaust DPM 210
H/D Body Electrical Systems DPM 223
H/D Heating & Ventilation DPM 264
Basic Upholstery Techniques UPH 100
Auto Upholstery I UPH 101
Auto Upholstery II UPH 102
Auto Upholstery III UPH 103

Aviation differential course
Course Title Subject Course Number
Private Pilot Flight AVT 102
GPS for Pilots AVT 108
Instrument Pilot Flight AVT 112
Instrument Flight Trainer AVT 113
UAS Flight Training AVT 155
Commercial Flight I AVT 202
Commercial Flight II AVT 203
Multi-Engine Flight AVT 208
Multi-Engine Flight Trainer AVT 209
Multi Eng Cross Country Flight AVT 210
Flight Instructor Flight AVT 213
Instrument Instructor Flight AVT 222
Multi-Engine Instructor Flight AVT 223
Transport Category Aircrft Sys AVT 227
Reg Aircraft Procedures Train AVT 233
Pilot Refresher Flight AVT 235
Tail Wheel Transition Flight AVT 236

Communication Media differential rate courses - updated 9/29/2021
Course Title Subject Course Number
Sound for Film/Video FVM 208
Digital Effects FVM 264
Lightwave I MGD 155
Radio Programming/Production I RTV 101
Television Studio Production RTV 107
Principles of Audio RTV 108
Audio Mixing RTV 210
Radio Programming/Productn II RTV 211
Advanced Television Production RTV 212
Video Field Production RTV 269
Special Topics: Podcasting 101 RTV 275
Capstone Audio Production RTV 289

Fire Science and Public Safety differential rate courses - updated 9/29/2021
Course Title Subject Course Number
Firefighter I FST 100
Firefighter II FST 101
Haz Mat Operations Level I FST 107
Clinical I FST 170

Nursing, Rad Tech and Surgical Tech differential rate courses - updated 9/29/2021
Course Title Subject Course Number
Medical/Surgical Nrsg Concepts NUR 106
Fundamentals of Nursing NUR 109
Basic Concepts of Pharmacology NUR 112
Success in Nursing School NUR 121
Maternal-Child Nursing NUR 150
Transition into Practical Nrsg NUR 169
Adv Concepts of M-S Nursing I NUR 206
Psychiatric-Mental Health NSG NUR 211
Pharmacology II NUR 212
Adv Concepts of M-S Nrsg II NUR 216
Transition to Professional NSG NUR 230
Introduction to Radiography RTE 101
Radiographic Patient Care RTE 111
Radiologic Procedures I RTE 121
Radiologic Procedures II RTE 122
Rad Pathology and Image Eval I RTE 131
Rad Pathology / Image Eval II RTE 132
Radiographic Equip/Imaging I RTE 141
Radiographic Equip/Imaging II RTE 142
Radiographic Internship I RTE 181
Radiographic Internship II RTE 182
Internship: Radiographic III RTE 183
Advanced Medical Imaging RTE 221
Radiation Biology/Protection RTE 231
Mammography RTE 250
Radiographic Internship IV RTE 281
Radiographic Clinical Intern V RTE 282
Capstone RTE 289
Internship: Mammo RTE 291
Fundamentals-Surgical Tech STE 100
Surgical Technology Skills Lab STE 101
Pharmacology-Surgical Tech STE 105
Surgical Procedures I STE 110
Surgical Procedures II STE 115
Surgical Procedures III STE 120
STE Seminar STE 179
Internship I STE 181
Internship II STE 182
Internship III STE 183
  • All tuition and fee charges are subject to change by the Aims Community College District Board of Trustees as circumstances may require, without notice.
  • In-District refers to the Aims Community College Tax District 
  • In-District classification for tuition purposes is for students who have been Colorado residents for a minimum of one year (according to tuition classification law) and who live in the Aims tax district. The Aims tax district is most of Weld County, excluding the Mead, Dacono, Erie, Frederick and Firestone areas.