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Communication Media


Program Mission Statement

The Communication Media department provides quality education in the audio, journalism, radio, and video/film production fields to provide a hands-on learning environment that fosters critical thinking and professionalism the industry requires.

Program Learning Outcomes (Curriculum Maps)

A curriculum map is a graphical illustration of the relationship between a program’s courses and the program’s student learning outcomes. Curriculum maps at Aims Community College identify the program’s mission statement (red), program-learning goals (dark gray), and expected program student learning outcomes (light gray). In addition, Aims’ curriculum maps indicate where learning outcomes are introduced, reinforced, and mastered.


The demand for entertainment and information never goes out of style, yet the technology changes almost daily. Getting into television news, becoming an on-air radio personality or developing your animation abilities requires access to exceptional instructors and leading-edge technology.

Our Communication Media certificate and degree programs are designed to prepare students for entry-level occupations and provide those already employed in the field with specific knowledge and training toward career advancement.

If you are interested in the complete audio or video production process with a hands-on emphasis, put our program to work for you. From creating and editing your own music to digitally editing your own television program, you can learn to do it all at Aims Community College.

Here are a few areas of study in Communication Media:

  • Audio Mixing and Producing
  • Radio Programming and Production
  • Television Production
  • Video graphics
  • Animation
  • Educational technology
  • Digital photography
  • Media writing

We also offer internships in the northern Colorado and metro Denver areas and help you find employment in the field of your choice.

A quick tour of the Audio Production program with Slick ReBorn and DJ Prana.

A musical overview of the Communication Media program.

Essential Skills

Check out the essential skills guide, which lists commonly encountered qualities and skills typically necessary to be succeed in a particular program or area of interest.