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  • Communication Media
  • Audio Production

    Associate of Applied Science
    Core coursework introduces you to the concepts of mass media and the principles of audio for music, film and video. Gain hands-on skills for recording, mixing, mastering, MIDI and sound design on professional digital workstations.
  • Learn basic audio production techniques such as operating audio equipment and producing tracks. Develop the fundamentals of mixing and creating a final master.
  • Build on your skills to produce live sound and advanced digital editing techniques. Master time compression, harmonic and rhythmic manipulation and sound processing with plug-ins.
  • Create your own passion project. Learn to produce sound for film and video and then demonstrate all you’ve learned with a capstone project: a self-led audio project with instructors to support you.
  • Explore sound as storytelling with courses on sound design and MIDI. Learn to set up a music technology workstation and design sound at a professional level.
  • Journalism

    Associate of Applied Science
    Explore the historical and cultural role of the media in society while learning the basics of news research, writing, reporting and interviewing as well as how to verify sources and photojournalism. Apply your learning during an in-depth journalism internship on a subject you’re eager to explore.
  • Journalism - Liberal Arts

    Associate of Arts
    Learn how to clearly, accurately and fairly report media news while creating journalistic pieces for internet-based media. This comprehensive 2-year liberal arts program prepares students to go on to complete a bachelor's degree at a 4-year school as they embark on a future career in journalism. This is a liberal arts degree with designation (DWD).
  • Gain skills in the fundamentals of news reporting, writing and editing. Explore the different beats that journalists cover and learn how to do research, conduct interviews, and write and edit like a reporter.
  • Media Writing

    Associate of Applied Science
    Students receive an introduction to mass media and learn about its influence in a democracy along with the basics of news writing, reporting and interviewing and investigative reporting. The media writing degree teaches techniques to write for television and radio as well as scriptwriting for corporate and institutional video productions.
  • Radio Production

    Associate of Applied Science
    Study the history and function of radio in society as well as radio formats, communication systems, and the types of broadcasting and production equipment used today. Three out of four semesters are spent in the studio using radio station equipment and hosting shows on Aims Student Radio to prepare you to launch your radio career.