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Audio Production

Earn an Associate Degree in Audio Production

Nurture your passion for sound design with an education in the latest technology and techniques in audio production. In Aims Community College's program, you will learn the tools used by top professional studios to produce high-quality recordings and sound. You can even get real-world broadcasting audio experience at the Aims student radio station. 

The audio and music production degree at Aims starts with classes in the principles of audio and recording. After that, you move into hands-on learning using state-of-the-art audio equipment. The program culminates in a capstone course that applies what you’ve learned to a project of your choosing. This project could involve recording a friend’s band, producing your own music, producing audio for a film or developing another project in-depth.

Explore Sound Design with an Audio Engineering Degree

Aims Degree Video - Communication Media - Audio Production

Kaitilyn Furister, Lab Coordinator for the Communication Media department, shares how an audio production degree allows students to gain hands-on skills for recording, mixing, and producing to prepare them for a career in live sound, recording and more.

Learn Hands-On Skills Using Professional Audio Equipment

While earning an audio production associate degree, gain industry knowledge while building the professional skills you will need to have a successful audio career, including:  

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • MIDI
  • Sound design
  • Project and equipment management
  • How to talk to customers
  • When to be creative and when to be technical

Learn how to bring your ideas to life with an audio production associate degree.

This is a really great program if you are a musician, you love listening to music, love movies or love to create your own music on the computer.

Kaitilyn Furister
Station Manager, Aims Student Radio
Kaitlyn Furister

Earn an Audio Production Certificate

Learn music production and sound engineering skills at your own pace with a series of audio production certificates. Develop your craft with classes that cover the skills and techniques of professional audio production. These courses include using digital workstations, recording, mixing, mastering, MIDI, sound design and other topics used every day in audio production.

  • Audio Production Level I Certificate
  • Audio Production Level II Certificate
  • Audio Production Level III Certificate
  • Electronic Audio Production Certificate

Careers in Audio Production and Engineering

An audio production degree or certificate from Aims prepares you for many career paths in the industry. Audio is both an art form and a key part of everyday life. We hear the work of audio producers on the radio, as background music, in advertising, and as scores and audio in film. Put the skills you learn to work running sound at live shows, mixing and mastering studio tracks, producing audio for movies, television and advertising, and crafting electronic sound design. 

Job opportunities in audio production include:

  • Setting up and running live sound
  • Recording in a home or professional studio
  • Starting a music production business
  • Working in a recording studio
$57,469 Median salary w/associate Source:

Audio Production Faculty and Staff

Learn from experienced audio production industry professionals who share your love of audio engineering. Benefit from their years of experience as musicians, producers and sound engineers. Instructors at Aims have worked on both sides of the microphone and are eager to share the most relevant skills that can help you realize your audio ambitions. Small class sizes mean all students have plenty of one-on-one time with instructors.

  • Headshot of David Farrell

    David Farrell

    Professor, Communication Media