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JED Campus

JED Campus logo that is blue and white with the words JED Campus Member Aims Community College has joined the JED Campus program. A nationwide initiative of The Jed Foundation (JED), the program is designed to help schools evaluate and strengthen their mental health, substance misuse, and suicide prevention programs and systems to ensure that schools have the strongest possible mental health safety nets. There are currently over 400 campuses engaged in the JED Campus program.

Comprehensive Approach and the Seven Domains

In collaboration with JED Campus, Aims Community College will implement a comprehensive approach to mental health and substance use prevention for our campuses using the JED Campus model. The JED programs are grounded in an evidence-based model which identifies seven key domains for strategic planning and equitable implementation. 

These domains include:

  • Promote social connectedness
  • Identify students at risk 
  • Increase help-seeking behavior 
  • Provide mental health and substance misuse services
  • Follow crisis management procedures
  • Restricts access to potentially lethal means
  • Develop life skills 

The seven key domains are used to assess efforts currently being made on campus, as well as identifying the college’s existing strengths and areas for improvement. View the Seven Domains infographic

The JED Campus Timeline
  • Recruit Aims Community College JED Team members
  • Campus Baseline Report completed and feedback received
  • Healthy Minds Study administered Fall 2023
  • Campus Site Visit with JED Advisor and Campus Expert
  • Receive Initial Feedback Report from Healthy Minds Study 
  • Begin to develop JED Campus Strategic Plan

Healthy Minds Study

The Healthy Minds Study (HMS) is an annual web-based survey study examining mental health, service utilization, and related issues among undergraduate and graduate students. Since its national launch in 2007, HMS has been fielded at over 530 colleges and universities, with over a half million survey respondents. Aims Community College will ask students to participate in the Healthy Minds study twice (Year One and Year Four) and will use the data collected to help develop a strategic plan to enhance existing and develop new mental health services, programs and policies on campus. 

Learn more about the Healthy Minds Study.

Healthy Minds Study FAQ

Below you will find our Frequently Asked Questions about HMS for students. If you have additional questions, you may email our study team at

You have been invited to participate in this study to better understand the mental health needs of students at Aims Community College. HMS was designed specifically for colleges and universities, and its success depends on gathering the perspectives of all students. Aims Community College hopes to use the information you provide to get to know the students better and to advocate for the creation, expansion, and/or maintenance of programs and resources for mental health and well-being.

We invite all eligible students at Aims Community College to participate in this voluntary study. We welcome a diverse perspective! Students are eligible to take the Healthy Minds Study if they are 18 and over, enrolled as a student at Aims, and currently living within the United States.

Aims Community College is participating in HMS to better understand and improve the mental health needs of students. Therefore, we asked them for a sample of students to send out our survey to, and you are among the students selected to participate. Some schools choose people randomly, some schools choose everyone. Your school has determined that they may share this data with our study team, considering federal, state, and institutional policies and regulations. For specifics on your school’s decision, you may contact the researchers at, or reach out to the contact person at your school listed at the end of your consent form.

Over the course of the one-month data collection period, students who have not completed the survey will receive several reminders.

To opt-out (and stop receiving emails):

1. Follow the survey link to the consent form and click “No, I do not consent to participate in this study.”


2. Click on the “Opt-Out” link located at the bottom of your HMS email.

Please try copying and pasting your link into a new window of your current web browser or use a different web browser altogether.

This survey was designed to protect your privacy and ensure confidentiality.  Aims Community College chose to participate in the Healthy Minds Study using a confidential method.

In the case of the confidential protocol:

  • Your answers to the survey will be stored in a file that is separate from your first name and email address.
  • The data from this study, without any identifiable information, is stored in a secure digital location by the research team for future research purposes.
  • Any reports or articles written about this survey will describe people’s answers together (in the aggregate or as a whole) and will contain no information that could allow someone to identify you.
  • Participating institutions will receive a de-identified data set and will not be given access to individually identifiable survey data. We will also leave out any sports team affiliation or country of origin that you may have indicated. This helps make sure that no one at your school can look at the de-identified data set and guess who you are by “connecting the dots” with indirect-identifying information.

All eligible Aims Community College students who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing with a chance to win a variety of prizes including Bluetooth speakers, Portable Blenders, Bluetooth Tracker Tiles, Massage Guns, Gel Nail Kits (with Lamps), Bedside Lamp/Bluetooth Speakers, Travel Laptop Backpacks and other great items. 

The Healthy Minds Study also offers a chance to win a yearly national incentive drawing. You will be automatically entered into a national sweepstakes to win one of two $500 prizes or one of ten $100 prizes. 

In addition, Aims Community College will host thank you events on each campus to thank students who have completed the survey. These events will include food, fun, and more giveaways. 

No, to maintain the validity of our survey design, we do not allow for editing of responses that have already been submitted.

No, unfortunately. Because we use an anonymized method of sending email invitations to students, to protect your confidentiality and keep your contact information separate from your survey information, there is no way for us to track down your original survey and send you a new link. We apologize for the inconvenience, and greatly appreciate your interest in participating!

Aims Community College included information about the campus counseling center, which is listed at the top of every page of your survey. Additional mental health resources at Aims Community College are included at the end of your survey. Even if you choose not to participate, you will still see a page with information on the counseling center. If you would like to speak with someone directly about questions/concerns you have, we are also happy to put you in touch with the primary contact of this study at your school. 

If you’d like to receive a copy of the mental health resources list, please reach out to, and we can provide it to you.

We welcome your feedback about our study!  Please fill out our brief, anonymous feedback form to provide your suggestions for improving the Healthy Minds Study.