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Financial Services

The primary responsibilities of Financial Services include processing, recording, monitoring, and summarizing the financial activities of the College. This responsibility includes the accounting for Aims Foundation activities.

Financial Services also provides the following services and information to students, faculty, staff, and members of the community:

  • Cashiering and billing
  • Issuing student refund/loan checks
  • Paying obligations of the College
  • Generating employee payroll checks or direct deposit slips
  • Processing employee travel reimbursements 
  • Providing training on reading budget and accounting reports
  • Producing financial management reports/summaries
  • Providing financial support to management
  • Providing grant/contract financial support
  • Establishing written procedures and developing forms to conduct College business

Operating Budgets and Financial Statements

Aims Community College develops a budget on an annual basis and releases a financial statement at the conclusion of each fiscal year.

The Board of Trustees monitors the financial and accounting operations of the institution, including the review and discussion of periodic financial statements and the evaluation and adoption of budgets.

Operating Budgets

The President and Cabinet members, including the Vice President of Administrative Services, develop the budget with the focus of implementing sound fiscal practices. It is then presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Financial Statements 

These reports provide readers with fiscal information on the activities and financial condition of the College, including budget comparisons and financial analysis.