Physical Education

The Aims Physical Education Department promotes the educational ideologies associated with living a healthy and active lifestyle. Quality physical education classes are taught by knowledgeable certified instructors who will teach the basic principles, techniques, and strategies related to exercise science. 

Students who enjoy an active lifestyle and who thrive while working with people to help them reach their goals might find a fulfilling career in exercise science. 

At Aims, students can take classes that teach the basics of exercise science to prepare for a job in fields including:

  • Personal training
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Physical Therapy
  • Coaching
  • Recreation
  • Health Education
  • Sports Management
  • Nutrition

Students may choose to pursue a Liberal Arts degree with designation (DWD) with an emphasis in Health and Human Performance. For more information, please visit the Liberal Arts page.

Physical Education Credit Classes

Physical education classes teach exercise science basics so students can begin building a career in the field. Activity classes can also be taken to earn credit while learning a new way to stay healthy and active. Some concepts covered in these classes include:

  • Human movement
  • Weight training
  • Human nutrition and health-related habits
  • Anatomy
  • Injury prevention

For the most current course offerings within Human Performance and Exercise and Physical Education, check out the Spring 2021 Class Schedule. Class lists for upcoming semesters may not be available yet, but will be added once open for registration.

For more information about activity classes available during recreation hours at the Physical Education and Recreation Center (PERC), please visit the Recreation and Activities page.

Physical Education Staff

The Physical Education Department staff are dedicated to offering quality physical education classes that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.