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Center for Workforce Development and Innovation

Aims Center for Workforce Development and Innovation helps businesses thrive by partnering with them to develop and deliver customized corporate training solutions, offer alternative public seminars on in-demand topics, provide CPR certifications, courses, and onsite training and assist with state training grants.


  • Training Grants

    State-funded job training grants may be available to offset the cost of corporate training for your employees. Call (970) 378-3606 or click the link to email the Workforce Development team for details!

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Public Non-Credit Seminars and Courses

Workforce Development and Innovation helps your business thrive by offering public non-credit seminars and courses on in-demand training topics. Seminars and courses are offered in the following categories:

• Emergency and Health Preparedness Certification & Training
• Business Development & Communication
• Leadership and Supervision
• Lunch and Learns
• Process Improvement & Quality
• Safety

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Center for Workforce Development and Innovation Staff

Committed to building workforce partnerships to offer corporate training to businesses that upgrades their employee’s occupational skills.