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Shawn Wiess Personal Trainer

Shawn Weiss

Part-Time: Instructor II, Continuing Education

Shawn specializes in creative solutions to get clients stronger, healthier, and pain-free. No one truly moves or thinks the same, so no singular exercise, program, technique, or method can work for everyone. The priority in training should be to correct movement dysfunctions and negative lifestyle choices, then protect them with progressively harder challenges in and out of the gym.


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist - NSCA, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator - NSCA, Pain-Free Performance Specialist x Foundations (Level 1), Pain-Free Performance Specialist x Training (Level 2), Certified Personal Trainer - NASM, Corrective Exercise Specialist - NASM, Behavior Change Specialist - NASM, PPSC*Business 


University of Northern Colorado B.S Exercise Science