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Concurrent Enrollment

What is Concurrent Enrollment

Get a tuition-free head start on your college education. You can earn college credit while still in high school by participating in the Concurrent Enrollment program at Aims.

The college-level Aims courses you take will simultaneously provide you with high school and college credit. Classes can be taken at an Aims campus, online or at a participating high school.

There are many benefits to Concurrent Enrollment for high school students. You'll save time and money and have the opportunity to complete your general education college requirements. 

Aims Concurrent Enrollment has helped me in so many ways. It gave me an insight into how college will be, making it less scary on my first day of college.
--Joslynn - Concurrent Enrollment Student

Why Wait Until You Graduate? Earn College Credits As You Complete High School

Take college level classes or earn a certificate or associate degree for free.
Aims Degree Video - Concurrent Enrollment - High School Programs

Director of Aims High School Programs, Raymond Chard explains how students can benefit from the various opportunities to earn college credit while in high school. Students can earn free credits, certificates, and associate degrees at Aims while gaining real-world professional and interpersonal skills.

How Do I Participate in Concurrent Enrollment?

Get Started on Your Concurrent Enrollment Journey
  1. Talk to your high school counselor. Your counselor will help you with the following steps and provide you with the appropriate paperwork.
  2. Apply to Aims.
  3. Complete any other required paperwork by the district and be sure to include all parent/guardian signatures. Submit it to your high school counselor.
  4. Register for classes. If the course is on the high school campus, staff from the Aims Concurrent Enrollment department will register the student. If the course is on the Aims campus or online, the student must register themselves – talk to your high school counselor for help. 

Save Time and Money

Complete College Gen. Ed. Requirements in High School
  • Earn high school and college credit/certificates at the same time
  • Complete a 2-year degree at the same time as a high school diploma
  • Start college at a higher grade level
  • Significant cost savings to students and parents
  • Graduate college at a younger age than average students and enter the workforce to start earning money earlier
  • Pay less for the college courses that every student is required to take
  • Credits transfer to 4-year universities
  • Start taking classes that pertain to your degree as soon as you get to college

Meet the Team

Raymond Chard headshot

Raymond Chard

CEI Treasurer
Interim Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs/Director of High School Programs
portrait of Aimee Rogers

Aimee Rogers

Program Coordinator II, High School Programs
Photo of Laura Flood

Laura Flood

Program Coordinator II, Concurrent Enrollment CTE
Dahl Gehle

Dahl Gehle

Program Coordinator I, High School
Headshot of John Dixon

John Dixon

Program Coordinator II, Concurrent Enrollment
Luis Tavizon Headshot

Luis Tavizon

Program Coordinator II, Concurrent Enrollment
Headshot of Margaret Dempsey

Margaret Dempsey

Program Coordinator II, Concurrent Enrollment
Lisa Medina

Lisa Medina

Staff Associate, High School Programs