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Aims Community College Windsor Campus Expansion - Gateway Building And Sim City Open House

Aims Community College is excited to announce the completion of its new Gateway Building and Sim City on the Windsor Campus. The College is hosting an open house on Wednesday, December 13, from 1 to 3:30 p.m. at 1140 Southgate Drive.

Lobby of Gateway Building
The lobby of the Gateway Building at the Aims Community College Windsor Campus is nearing completion.

The Gateway Building and Sim City open house is an opportunity for the entire community to explore these new buildings and learn more about the educational programs offered at Aims. Classes will begin at the new facilities on January 16, the first day of the 2024 spring semester. 

Aims Windsor Campus's $18 million expansion project began in March 2022. The Aims Windsor Campus opened in 2010 and has outgrown its current space. This project is needed to accommodate more general education classes, expand hands-on learning opportunities, and provide more amenities for students. 

Gateway Building

The Gateway Building is a three-story, 38,000-square-foot structure that provides additional classrooms to support growth and add more general education courses. It will also house academic simulators for Criminal Justice, Fire Science, and Aviation programs.  For example, it will be home to the new Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Associate of Applied Science Degree, featuring a drone fabrication and design lab. The campus is also adding a drone takeoff and landing pad area.

A welcome desk will greet students, visitors, and community members, while a learning commons will offer resources such as a library, computer lab, tutoring services, and study areas. Furthermore, the Gateway Building features spaces for student activities, advising, enrollment, counseling and offices. Students will have access to an outdoor patio, recreation areas, and other gathering spots to foster a sense of community. Inclusivity is a priority, with amenities including a prayer room, private lactation room, and gender-inclusive restrooms.

The new building also provides additional food options, such as a bistro with hot and cold breakfast options, various lunch and snack menu items, and beverages. Arty’s Pantry, the on-campus food bank to lessen student food insecurity, will have a larger space on the Windsor Campus. 

Sim City

The Simulated City within the training yard will provide invaluable opportunities for public safety training. Five new buildings will replicate real-world scenarios, enabling students to develop essential skills. Two simulated houses with basements, kitchens, living rooms, and hallways will allow realistic training exercises. A commercial building will simulate various emergencies, from bank robberies to convenience store fires. A simulated four-way street intersection with traffic signs, stoplights, and fire hydrants will enhance training scenarios. Lastly, a search and rescue building will challenge students to navigate through hallways, attics, and narrow shafts. The expansion also includes a dedicated facility for equipment storage. Fire, police and other agencies can reserve these spaces on the Windsor Campus to conduct training exercises to make our communities safer.

Aims Windsor Campus

Classes are held days, nights and weekends on the Windsor campus so students can learn at a time that’s most convenient for them. The site specializes in various subject areas, such as public safety, UAS and automotive technology. In addition to classes specific to their chosen program, students can complete their general education requirements on-site to make earning a degree or certificate in their field of choice as seamless as possible. To learn more about the Windsor Campus, visit