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Aims Partnership with Alquist 3D Expands Workforce Development and Educational Opportunities

On Friday, October 6, Aims hosted an exciting event at the Welcome Center, announcing a partnership with Alquist 3D, a 3D printing and construction company that will put down roots in Greeley this fall. Alquist is partnering with Aims Community College to incorporate its technology into the curriculum.

Dr. Leah Bornstein speaking at Alquist 3D event.
Dr. Leah Bornstein speaking at the Alquist 3D event at the Aims Welcome Center.

Speaking at the event were state and local representatives, including:

  • Mayor John Gates 
  • Governor Jared Polis 
  • U.S. Senator Michael Bennet 
  • Zack Mannheimer, Founder and Chairman, Alquist 3D 
  • Tom Parko, Planning Director, Weld County 
  • Raymond C. Lee III, City Manager, City of Greeley 
  • Leah Bornstein, Ph.D., CEO/President, Aims Community College 
  • Mya Rodriguez-Salas, Student, Aims Community College 
  • Cheri Witt-Brown, CEO, Greeley-Weld Habitat for Humanity

Colorado is currently dealing with a daunting housing crisis, worsened by the housing stock shortage and increased unaffordability. Alquist’s technology offers a lower-cost solution to build single-family, multifamily, mixed-use, and senior-living homes. One of the first projects planned is with the Greeley-Weld Habitat for Humanity; it will produce at least 100 structures for the nonprofit’s Hope Springs affordable housing project.

Governor Polis looks forward to what this partnership will bring to the state. “We know we need more lower costs houses in Colorado close to where jobs are.  Not only will Alquist 3D be an important part of our corporate community, our jobs community, but it will create important tangible benefits to reduce housing costs in the state of Colorado, which will help power the the success of so many other companies as well as our quality of life.

Advancing Job Training and Economic Vitality

Alquist 3D expects to create 146 net new jobs at or above the average annual salary in Weld County. The positions will include project managers, executives, manufacturing workers, and business services. 

“Aims is honored and excited to partner with Alquist to provide cutting-edge job training in northern Colorado,” said Dr. Leah L. Bornstein, Aims Community College CEO and president.

“This higher education/industry collaboration is a prime example of the future of education- innovation and training together to meet rapidly evolving workforce needs.”

The Aims Construction Management program will develop an academic pathway for 3D concrete printing technology that teaches students how to operate a 3D printer for residential construction applications. 

Alquist also plans to partner with Aims' existing Computer Aided Drafting and Industrial Technology programs, in which students learn how to design the buildings and program the robots used for 3D concrete printing. Through these programs, students will develop the skills that will enable them to apply for positions at Alquist.

“Now that Alquist is here, I would love to work with them as an intern or possibly be a future employee,” said Mya Rodriguez-Salas, a Aims Construction Management program student. “It’s great that they are providing more opportunities for me and my classmates to get high-paying jobs with the skills we gain here at Aims”. 

Watch for more news and updates about Aims' partnership with Alquist 3D in the coming months.