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Industrial Technology

Earn an Associate Degree in Industrial Technology

Do you enjoy working with your hands and learning by doing? Take your curiosity about troubleshooting and process oversight and enter the manufacturing field with an industrial technology associate degree from Aims. The U.S. advanced manufacturing sector is growing. Over the next decade, there will be a greater need for skilled workers familiar with process automation, industrial robotics and other high-tech skills.

Industrial technology is a field that applies automation to support manufacturing. Automating processes to make them more efficient allows a company to offer high-quality products at a low cost. With an industrial technology degree from Aims, you can start a career in manufacturing. Potential roles include planning and coordinating production activities to ensure they run smoothly and stay on budget, overseeing departments or making decisions to increase productivity.

With day and night classes available, Aims offers flexibility to get your education on a timeline that suits you best. If you’re a high school student, you can start the industrial technology degree program while earning dual high school and college credit. If you’re an incoming college freshman, you can either earn a two-year industrial technology associate degree and enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year university to earn a bachelor’s degree. 

Get Industry-Ready Training in the Aims Industrial Technology Degree Program

Aims Degree Video - Industrial Technology

Aims Industrial Technology instructor Dave Sordi explains how Aims prepares you to start working in high-demand industries including oil and gas, electronics, robotics and more. Satisfy your curiousity and practice using equipment you'll operate in the field.

Choose an Industrial Technology Subject Area Tailored to Your Career Goals

The industrial technology degree program at Aims can help you develop skills to start your career with an entry-level job in manufacturing. Study subjects including electrical systems, process technology, manufacturing safety, business ethics and energy technologies. 

Amplify your learning experience by choosing one of four areas of concentration:

  • Energy analysis
  • Manufacturing technician
  • Planning and logistics

Each of these concentrations is part of your degree program and will earn you a certificate in that subject area. An internship gives you supervised work experience with a manufacturer in the community under direct guidance from your instructor.

The Aims industrial technology degree program emphasizes hands-on learning. Immediately following classroom instruction, you’ll get lab practice in the Applied Technology and Trade Center on the Greeley campus. You’ll spend the bulk of your time at Aims getting practice using state-of-the-art high-tech simulated workstation equipment in six themed labs where you can deepen your learning in specific aspects of manufacturing. Aims instructors can tailor the curriculum and work closely with you on spearheading projects that support your career goals.

“This program provides students with the knowledge and skills they'll need when entering industry as a technician. Courses in robotics, automation, programming, instrumentation, and motors as well as operational excellence, energy, and safety make a graduate a valuable contributor to any organization.”
--Dave Sordi, Aims Industrial Technologies and Energy Studies, Chair and Instructor

Earn your industrial technology associate degree at Aims and start a rewarding manufacturing career in various industries. 

Turn Your Passion for Troubleshooting and Process Improvement Into a Career

Gain the Industrial Technology Skills You Need to Start a Career in Manufacturing

Aims takes a hands-on approach to teaching the skills you’ll need to find entry-level work in manufacturing. Each industrial technology degree course builds your knowledge and skills using high-tech equipment to prepare you for work in the industry. 

Gain knowledge and skills in industrial technology that you can apply in many fields, including:

  • Process controls
  • Electrical equipment
  • Automation
  • Control loops
  • Fluid power controls
  • Motor controls

The Aims industrial technology degree program also teaches soft skills that employers seek from new hires, including professionalism, teamwork, critical thinking and effective communication.

Earn an Industrial Technology Certificate

Earning a certificate lets you explore a specific subject area or strengthen certain skills in less time than it takes to earn a two-year degree. At Aims, you can either pursue an associate degree in industrial technology or earn any number of standalone industrial technology certificates.

Aims offers a variety of industrial technology certificates that cover different aspects of working in manufacturing.

  • Advanced Automation Certificate
  • Advanced Maintenance Certificate
  • Basic Automation and Maintenance Certificate
  • Energy Certificate
  • Manufacturing Operations Certificate
  • Robotics Certificate

Launch Your Industrial Technology Career

If you enjoy problem-solving and working with your hands and want to apply your curiosity to helping manufacturing systems run smoothly and efficiently, the industrial technology degree program can help you start your career. 

With an emphasis on technology and automation, the Aims industrial technology associate degree can apply to multiple industries, including biomedicine, food, construction and automotive. If you are interested in a particular industry, your professors can help you choose the best classes and projects to help you gain knowledge about that field.

Examples of the types of jobs you can get with an industrial technology associate degree include:

  • Industrial production manager
  • Manufacturing technician
  • Planner/Buyer
  • Inventory manager
  • Automation technician
  • Energy analyst
  • Designer for manufacturing
  • Engineering technician
$60,220 Median salary w/associate Source: Bureau of Labor and Statistics

Industrial Technology Program Team

Learn from instructors with manufacturing industry experience. While earning your industrial technology associate degree, gain feedback from instructors who can help you connect classroom theory and real-world practice.

  • David Sordi headshot

    David Sordi

    Department Chair and Instructor, Industrial Technology and Oil & Gas
  • Megan Blaser headshot

    Megan Blaser

    Department Coordinator, Agriculture & Technology
  • Mindy Allmer headshot

    Mindy Allmer

    Staff Associate, Business & Technology
  • Erik Gloekler

    Lab Coordinator, Industrial Technology & Energy Studies
  • Fredrick Ayunga

    Adjunct Instructor, Industrial Technology
  • Eric Daub

    Adjunct Instructor, Industrial Technology
  • Jeffrey Harrington

    Adjunct Instructor, Industrial Technology
  • John Healy

    Adjunct Instructor, Industrial Technology
  • Jim Leflar

    Adjunct Instructor, Industrial Technology
  • Thomas Reini

    Adjunct Instructor, Industrial Technology