Alumni Spotlight - Joanna "Jojo" Bucholz

When Joanna Bucholz chose Aims Community College in 2006, she never dreamed her journey would land her on a TV show 15 years later.

Alumni JoJo Bucholz on set

While working as medical assistant in a local doctor's office, Jojo discovered her love of the medical field and decided to pursue a nursing degree at Aims. The camaraderie among the students in the nursing program is one thing she remembers most from her time at Aims. The most important things she learned at Aims was, "My goals and aspirations are possible with hard work and determination."

She has many goals and aspirations! After graduating with an Associates of Applied Science, Nursing, in 2008, Jojo worked on a surgical floor at a hospital in Greeley before moving back to her hometown of Gillette, WY. There, she worked in pre- and post-op roles. After a few years, she found herself wanting to pursue other options. She recalled her experience receiving a treatment at a medical spa that was owned by a nurse. Thinking that sounded like a career she would enjoy, Joanna got certified in Medical Aesthetics. She was excited to use her nursing experience to help people feel more confident about themselves.

Finding no medical spas close enough to home, Joanna decided to open her own. Shekinah Clinical Spa opened in 2014 in a 750 square foot space. Her training at Aims taught her to "take your time and really listen to your patients." That approach obviously worked. Eighteen months later, she outgrew her space and moved to a location three times larger.  "I use my nursing skills every day in the spa. I believe my training as a nurse is what has made my business successful," she said. 

In March, 2020, Shekinah Clinical Spa was chosen to be on the television show "World's Greatest." Joanna said, "We were chosen for our unique, caring and people-loving treatment of our patients." She said, "I absolutely love what I do!" 

Congratulations on your accomplishments, Joanna.  To watch the episode of "World's Greatest" featuring this awesome Aims alum, click here.