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Earn a Two-Year Nursing Associate Degree at Aims

Turn your people skills and interest in health sciences into a fulfilling nursing career. Earn a nursing associate degree at Aims and get a job working as a nurse at a hospital, medical office or home healthcare company.

Nurses are an integral part of healthcare teams, working with doctors and other staff to ensure that patients receive quality and compassionate care. Nurses help patients by performing physical assessments, administering medications and assisting with medical tests and wound care.

While earning an associate degree in nursing, study subjects including:

  • Pharmacology
  • Nursing fundamentals
  • Medical and surgical nursing concepts
  • Nursing specialties, including psychiatric and maternal-child

In this two-year nursing degree program, learn the scientific and practical hands-on skills required to become a registered nurse. Study theory in a classroom setting and immediately apply that knowledge in a lab setting. Get practice in applying critical thinking skills, providing patient care, and multitasking during an internship. Study the ethical standards of nursing and practice the art of communicating with patients and family members in a caring and therapeutic manner. 

The Aims nursing degree program has specific requirements and prerequisites you’ll need to fulfill before applying. 

The Aims nursing program has full approval status with the Colorado State Board of Nursing and has Continuing Accreditation with conditions by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

If you’d like to help people by becoming a member of a respected healthcare profession, the nursing associate degree program at Aims might be right for you.

Turn Your Passion for Helping People Into a Fulfilling Career as a Nurse

Aims Degree Video - Allied Health - Nursing Associate Degree

Learn more about the Aims nursing program, talks about the challenges and rewards you’ll find as a student in the nursing associate degree program.

Gain the Skills You Need To Prepare for a Nursing Career

The nursing associate degree program at Aims combines lectures, labs and an internship to give you the medical knowledge and hands-on training that will help you start your nursing career.

In this nursing degree program, you’ll gain skills in:

  • Performing head-to-toe physical assessments 
  • Giving patients a variety of medications and vaccinations
  • Inserting Foley catheters
  • Operating various medical equipment and medical computer systems

After studying a procedure in the classroom, you’ll gain hands-on guided practice in the lab. The Aims nursing lab has many of the same instruments and equipment you’ll use in the field, and lab simulators allow you to gain hands-on practice.

The nursing degree program also teaches you essential soft skills that employers desire. Gain practice thinking quickly in high-pressure and fast-paced environments. Learn how to present a professional demeanor and remain calm in a variety of medical situations. 

In your second year, you’ll learn advanced concepts in medical and surgical nursing and pharmacology. The final semester includes a transitional capstone course in a clinical internship setting. Integrate and apply everything you’ve learned and practice managing multiple patients at once.

At the end of your second year, you’ll take a one-week seminar to prepare you for the National Council Licensure Examination - Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN), a national certification standard. Aims Community College has a 95% pass rate for the NXLEX-RN, which is 10% higher than the national average. After completing your nursing associate degree program, you’ll sit for the exam with confidence and become a certified registered nurse. 

Aims-to-UNC Dual Enrollment Program

While you complete courses at Aims Community College, you can also earn credit in the University of Northern Colorado School of Nursing. Earn credits with more affordable Aims classes while earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree

One advantage of this program is that some facilities require enrollment in a BSN dual enrollment program to begin a clinical internship. Also, employers are expressing a preference for hiring nurses with BSN degrees

This program starts the summer before beginning the Aims nursing degree program, where you’ll take courses toward the BSN degree at UNC. After completing your nursing associate degree at Aims, you’ll have two more semesters of degree program coursework at UNC. Some other liberal arts coursework may also be required.

Gain Fundamental Nursing Skills with a Nursing Certificate

Certificates are a great way to acquire new skills in less time than a degree program requires. Aims offers nursing certificate options for students who want to become a licensed practical nurse instead of a registered nurse or are interested in becoming a nurse aide.

  • Healthcare Readiness and Professionalism Certificate
  • Practical Nursing Certificate

Launch Your Nursing Career With an Associate Degree in Nursing

Upon completing your associate degree in nursing, you'll attend a training program preparing you for the NCLEX RN exam. Upon passing, you can apply for jobs as a Registered Nurse (RN). 

Registered nurses can work in a variety of environments, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical practices
  • Home health companies
  • Dialysis centers
  • Agencies as case managers

Earning your associate degree in nursing and passing the NCLEX RN exam lets you start your nursing career and provides a foundation for furthering your education. If you decide to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing, you can work in leadership or teaching, or you can go on to pursue a master’s degree in nursing and become a nurse practitioner. 

Nursing Faculty and Staff

The Aims nursing faculty are experienced in various medical settings and will bring that experience to life for you in the classroom and lab. Smaller class sizes offer you ample opportunities for one-on-one instruction and guided practice learning new nursing skills.

  • Head shot of Katrina Einhellig

    Katrina Einhellig

    Director, Nursing Education Program (DNEP)
  • Headshot of Jennifer Sears

    Jennifer Sears

    Professor, Nursing
  • Headshot of Ani Matt

    Ani Matt

    Professor, Nursing
  • Headshot of April Fulton

    April Fulton

    Instructor, Nursing
  • Headshot of Sheila Buckles

    Sheila Mayeda

    Staff Associate, Nursing
  • Headshot of Laurie Casey

    Laurie Casey

    Instructional Lab Coordinator I, Nursing
  • Headshot of Kendra Merriott

    Kendra Merriott

    Program Coordinator II, Nurse Aide