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Nonprofit Leadership Academy

If you’re a nonprofit professional looking to add to your skillset or someone excited to shift your career into the nonprofit sector, the Aims Continuing Education Department has been busy designing an exciting new program to support the essential nonprofit community.
Welcome to the Aims Nonprofit Leadership Academy—coming soon. 

This non-credit program will feature two tracks: one for nonprofit professionals looking to break into a more senior role and one for experienced nonprofit leaders looking to develop their skills with mentor and mentee opportunities for all. Participants will earn a certification from Aims upon completion or can take individual courses to focus on one area. 

Course formats will range, depending on subject matter, from one-day workshops to 4-6 week-long classes. You’ll have flexible options for online, in-person, and hybrid courses to work with your busy schedule. 

Topics covered in courses will include but not be limited to:

  • Nonprofit 101 – essentials of nonprofits
  • Capacity building
  • Board of Directors training
  • Talent development and management
  • Leadership and strategic planning
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and belonging
  • Nonprofit accounting
  • Sustainable fundraising
  • Marketing and branding essentials
  • Ethics, accountability and governance
Woman seated wearing red shirt and glasses in front of four other people seated at a nonprofit leadership training event, all listening to presenter off camera