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The Resource Library hosts all the documents for the website as well as web form links. Use the filter tool on this page to narrow your search down by title, tags, degree and more. Some resources are viewable only to employees, staff or students so make sure you are logged into the website to view all results.

Name Type Audience
2016 Board Minutes Minutes
2016 CCSSE Benchmark Report Document
2016 Financial Statements Document
2016 Foundation Financial Statement Document
2016 Program Review Report Document
2017 Board Minutes Minutes
2017 Financial Statements Document
2017 Foundation Financial Statement Document
2017 Paragon Awards for NCMPR (PDF) Document
2017 Program Review Report Document
2018 Board Minutes Minutes
2018 CCSSE Benchmark Report Document
2018 Financial Statements Document
2018 Foundation Financial Statement Document
2019 Board Minutes Minutes
2019 Financial Statements Document
2019 Foundation Financial Statement Document
202 Hiring of an External Auditor Policy Policy/Procedure
2020 Board Minutes Minutes
2020 Degrees, Certificates and Matching Scholarship Opportunities Document
2020 Foundation Financial Statement
2020 Recruitment Brochure Document
2020-2021 Data Standards Document Document
2021 Board Minutes Minutes
2021 Degrees, Certificates and Matching Scholarship Opportunities Document
2021 Financial Statements Document
2021-2022 Terms and Conditions of Your Financial Aid Document
2022 Board Minutes Minutes
2022 Foundation Financial Statement
2022-2023 Terms and Conditions of your Financial Aid Award Policy/Procedure
2023 Board Minutes Minutes
2023 FAMLI Aviso del programa Document
2023 FAMLI Program Notice
2023 Financial Statements Document
2023-2024 Dependent Verification Worksheet Document
2023-2024 Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose Document
2023-2024 Independent Verification Worksheet Document
2024 Aims Summer Xplore Academy Application Packet
2024 Board Minutes Minutes
2024 Surgical Technology Waitlist & Acceptance Procedures
2024-2025 Dependent Verification Worksheet Document
2024-2025 Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose Document
2024-2025 Independent Verification Worksheet Document
2024-2027 SP Strategies & Objectives Document
2024-2027 Strategic Plan Framework Template Document
2024-2027 Strategic Plan Gantt Chart Timeline Document
203 Student Tuition Policy/Procedure
204 Procurement and Contracts Policy Policy/Procedure
204-01 Procurement Process - Standard of Conduct and Ethics Procedure Policy/Procedure
204-02 Procurement Procedure Policy/Procedure