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Enrollment Steps - Personal Interest Students

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How to Enroll at Aims Community College

We're happy you're here to pursue your interests as a visiting or personal interest student! When you submit your application be sure to select the applicant type "Visiting or Personal Interest"

To enroll in classes, please follow the Steps to Enroll outlined below. You do not need to meet with an Academic Advisor to register for classes.

Step 1: Activate Your Aims Account

Watch your email for instructions to activate your Okta account (email will come from It will be sent to the email account you used to apply to Aims. Okta is a one-stop shop for all the applications you may use at Aims.

Two important applications (or Okta tiles) are your Aims email (Google Workspace Mail) and Workday.

You must activate your account within 48 hours of receiving the email. If you miss this 48-hour window, please call our Help Desk at (970) 339-6380.

Account and Password Help

Step 2: Onboarding

Once you log into Okta, click on the Workday tile (or application). You will be prompted to work through a series of steps under the heading “Awaiting your Action” to ensure you are setting up your student account at Aims. 

Step 3: Share Academic History

If you are trying to enroll in a class that has a prerequisite, you may need to provide your academic history. Aims uses multiple measures to determine college readiness and to place students in appropriate courses. Measures may include high school transcript, ACT, SAT, college-level math and/or writing. Additional measures may include the PARCC**, GED**, HISET**, TASC** and Accuplacer*

Please see the Multiple Measures Assessments page for more information. Please note that college transcripts must be official and submitted to

*Scores are valid for a period of three years from the date taken.
**Grades must be within the past 10 years. 

Step 4: Register for Classes

Register for classes online using your Workday account.

Step 5: Pay Tuition and Fees

You aren’t a declared student so you are ineligible for financial aid. If you decide to pursue a degree or certificate, you can enroll and apply for financial aid to help pay for your tuition. 

  • Learn about payment options
  • View your bill and financial aid status on your myAims account. Log into Workday and click on the Finances tab
  • Complete one of the payment options by the posted payment deadlines

Cashier's Office

Step 6: Prepare for Classes

Have questions about any of these steps? Call the Student Station or book an appointment with your Enrollment Coach.