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Admissions FAQ

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Find answers to commonly-asked questions about the admissions and enrollment process at Aims.

We look for two things prior to making appointments for advisors:

  • A current application
  • Assessment requirement has been met

You may make an appointment with an advisor by calling (970) 339-6443. You may be asked to meet with a faculty advisor depending upon program interest. Check out the Pathway Advising page for information and links to program worksheets to see requirements for all degree and certificate programs.

Aims has a number of preparatory and refresher course options to improve success for students who may struggle in certain areas like English or Math. Assessment of your background in reading, English, and math helps us determine the best course-level placement for you, and is required for all certificate or degree-seeking students. The Accuplacer is one assessment option, but there are others:

  • High school transcript showing your overall GPA and English or math courses completed with a C or higher within the past 10 years.
  • College transcripts showing college-level English or math courses completed with a C or higher within the past 10 years, or completion of an A.A or A.S degree from a regionally accredited college within the past 10 years.
  • ACT taken within the past 3 years.  Scores of a 19 or higher on the  Mathematics section, an 18 or higher on the English, and a 17 or higher on the Reading section would recommend you for entry into college-level courses.
  • SAT taken within the past 3 years. SAT taken before March 2016: Score 430 or higher on the Verbal for Reading, 440 or higher on the Verbal for English and a 460 or higher on the Mathematics would all recommend you for college-level courses. SAT taken after March 2016: scores of 470 or higher on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and a score of 500 or higher on the Math would recommend you for college-level courses.
  • Accuplacer testing scores taken within the past 3 years. For the test administered before January 2019: Score of 85 or higher on the Elementary Algebra test, a 95 or higher on the Sentence Skills test, and an 80 or higher on the Reading Comprehension test, would all be recommended for placement into college-level courses.
  • In January of 2019, the classic Accuplacer exam will be replaced by the Next-Generation Accuplacer. Recommended scores are still being determined and will be posted soon.
  • Additionally, GED, HiSET, PARCC, and TASC are all national exams that may be considered for meeting your assessment requirement. Those recommended scores are still being determined and will be posted soon.

The boundaries of the Aims Junior College District align with the boundaries of 12 school districts in Weld County, plus small portions of Adams, Larimer, Logan and Morgan counties and the city and county of Broomfield. Residents of any of the following school districts qualify for in-district tuition rates: Greeley/Evans District 6, RE-1, RE-2, RE-3J, RE-4, RE-5J, RE-7, RE-8, RE-9J, RE-10J, RE-11J and RE-12. To see if you qualify for in-district tuition, contact the Admissions and Records office at (970) 339-6404.

Aims is an open enrollment college, so admission is not based on academic achievement or test scores. ACT or SAT scores are recommended and are used for advisement and placement. If you are seeking a degree and have not completed ACT or SAT exams prior to enrollment, you will be required to take a placement test. Aims requires placement tests to determine which classes best suit your abilities. You will not be required to take these tests if:

  • You have taken an ACT test and achieved an English score of 18 or higher, a reading score of 17 or higher, and a math score of 19 or higher. This test must have been completed within five years of enrollment.


  • You have taken a SAT test and achieved a Verbal for Reading score of 430 or higher, a Verbal for English score of 440 or higher and a Mathematics score of 460 or higher. This test must have been completed within five years of enrollment.


  • Successfully completed ("C" or higher/Satisfactory completion) a college-level mathematics and college level writing course.

Yes. Many high school students take Aims classes. Your high school counselor can help you with the admissions procedure. See our High School Programs page for more information.

Your application is good for one year. If you wait for more than one year, you will need to submit a new application.

The Application for Admission is good for one year. If you have been away from Aims for one year or more, you will need to reapply. If you were making satisfactory progress in classes, you can usually pick up right where you left off. If you have been away for more than five years, you should contact the Testing Center Office to determine if your placement tests are still current.

You will receive an admissions packet that contains your user name and password.

Thank you for considering Aims! The steps for new students enrolling at Aims are available at the link below. 

Prospective and returning students may apply online. You will be directed to create a login ID and PIN, and then you will be able to begin the full application. Please note: This login ID and PIN is only for submitting your application. You will be given a new username and password for myAims (the secure student portal). The Application for Admission is good for one year and there is no fee required.

Orientation is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended for students who have never been to college. See the current class schedule for dates and times. New Student Orientations are listed under the CSL 178 courses.

Students may apply for admission at any time, but it is strongly recommended that students apply and register for classes early in order to have the enrollment process completed before the start of the semester.

It is with a heavy heart and disappointment that Aims Community College has decided to sunset their International Program, beginning the Summer Semester of 2018 and officially ending the Spring Semester of 2020.  Effective immediately, Aims Community College is no longer accepting application for admission for all F-1 and M-1 visas.

Aims is an open enrollment school and anyone can take classes even if they did not complete high school or earn a GED. Students who have not completed high school or earned a GED will not be eligible for financial aid per federal rules.

Federal law requires that all male U.S. citizens and most male aliens living in the U.S. who are 18-25 be registered with Selective Service. Colorado law states that anyone who does not register for Selective Service cannot enroll at a state college or university. You may have already signed up for Selective Service at the post office or online. For more information about Selective Service, visit

We use these questions to determine if a student should be considered an in-state or out-of-state student. In-state students are charged less tuition than out-of-state students. You may choose not to fill out these questions, but you will be charged an out-of-state rate. Visit the Tuition Classification page and the tuition classification FAQs to learn more.

Yes. We have enrollment coaches who are knowledgeable about the different programs we offer and can guide students through the admissions process. Please call (970) 330 8008 to set up an appointment for an enrollment coach.

Students do not have to provide their high school transcripts in order to be admitted to Aims. It is possible to use a high school transcript to meet assessment requirements if ACT or SAT scores are included (see above for score requirements). The Financial Aid office may also require a transcript to show proof of graduation.

You should receive an email once your application has been processed if you gave us a personal email address. You should receive an acceptance packet within seven business days after your application has been processed.