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  • Extend your knowledge and flight training with our UAS professional operator certificate program. Skills obtained in this UAS academic certificate will give you opportunities to conduct Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations (BVLOS) and learn proper UAS data management.
  • UNIX Certificate

    Learn to provide support for all UNIX/Linux-based software. Develop versatile skills to work with computer analysts and engineers to create, test and debug common software.
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Sciences

    Associate of Applied Science
    Learn best practices, maneuvers, maintenance, and procedures for safe UAS operation and data collection for fixed-wing and rotary-wing drones using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Prepares to take the FAA Part 107 Small Unmanned Aerial Systems certification exam that allows you to earn a Part 107 commercial Remote Pilot Certificate.
  • In this certificate that does not apply toward the automotive collision repair associate degree program, you’ll learn the skills required to repair and replace automotive upholstery. Gain skills in upholstery and carpeting removal and replacement, correct use of materials, and cutting and stretching.
  • Motor vehicle collisions happen in a variety of conditions and create various injuries. Safely removing victims from the scene of an accident often saves lives. The Vehicle Extrication Certificate expands your fire service abilities by teaching this skill.
  • Study basic and advanced television studio production techniques and learn how to direct a shoot. Learn single- and multi-camera production, video effects, chroming, and studio production for news, sports and weather.

    Note: These two classes are prerequisites for the Level II video and television certificate courses.
  • Learn advanced television and video production techniques with this video production certificate. Learn sound design, video field production, and video editing techniques and software including Final Cut Pro.
  • Video Editing and Effects

    Associate of Applied Science
    Learn the fundamentals of video editing and how to use digital editing software including Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Avid and special effects software Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. Along with exploring the history and function of media in society, you'll spend three out of four semesters in the lab using video editing and effects software to give you the technical skills and experience to launch your career.
  • Learn writing skills unique to radio and television and how to write corporate video scripts. Gain skills in professional scriptwriting techniques, format and style for TV, radio and corporate scripts.
  • Learn the basic skills you’ll need to design and build websites. Study basic coding practices, style sheets and HTML markup and learn how color, typography, layout and design principles combine to create websites. This is a Graphic Design and Rich Media certificate with a focus on computer information systems.