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Aims UAS drone pilot students

UAS Basic Operator Certificate

Drone Pilot Training at Aims

Pursue your passion for flying drones by earning a UAS pilot certificate at Aims. Be a part of a new and exciting growing industry with training from Colorado’s top aviation school. Learn flight control and piloting techniques for common Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). 

Drones help professionals approach their work safely and with greater clarity, including:

  • Fire scene investigators
  • Film producers
  • Construction managers
  • Municipalities
  • Law enforcement

This UAS operator certificate program features three core classes, prepares you to take the FAA Part 107 Small Unmanned Aerial Systems certification exam and gives you options to explore drone use in a professional area of interest. 

In this program, you’ll learn and demonstrate maneuvers, procedures and best practices for safe UAS operation on fixed-wing and rotary-wing drones. 

The Aims drone pilot certificate program gives you hours of practice and training during which you will learn:

  • Engaging with the National Airspace System
  • Mission setup
  • Interpreting sectional charts
  • Safety training
  • An application phase that allows you to study UAS use within an industry of interest
  • Federal regulations, the reasoning behind them and how they apply in real-world scenarios
  • Ground training and test preparation for the FAA drone certification test that allows you to earn a Part 107 commercial drone pilot license
  • Approximately 20 hours of flight training using DGI and fixed-wing equipment

Get Hands-on Skills as a Drone Pilot

In the rapidly growing Aims drone pilot training program, you’ll have the chance to get UAS pilot training aligned with FAA and National Airspace System requirements.

You’ll also gain skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Safety management
  • Creating operations and pre-flight checklists
  • Fixed-wing and multirotor aircraft systems in consumer and enterprise applications
  • Human factors affecting UAS
  • Crew resource management
  • Autonomous systems
  • UAS flight operations and engineering
  • Basic operator academic certificate courseware
  • Connections with other Aims academic programs with subject areas that use drones

You’ll be able to set your own course of study unique to your needs and interests so you can build confidence as a leader in your industry. You can then take what you’ve learned and either start a business or apply for work in a field of interest. 

The Aims UAS pilot certificate program also teaches you valuable “soft” skills that employers and clients want, including communication, teamwork, problem-solving and working in stressful environments.

This is probably a once in a lifetime class, where you get to work with thousands of dollars of equipment and gain so much knowledge.

UAS student at Aims
Aims UAS drone pilot students

Expand Your Career Options With Drone Pilot Training and Certification

UAS systems and applications are rapidly expanding, and skilled certified pilots are already in demand. According to the FAA, the commercial, small non-model UAS fleet is forecast to nearly triple from 277,386 in 2018 to 835,211 in 2023, an average annual growth rate of 24.7 percent. 

The Job and Salary Outlook for Drone Pilots Is Promising

Industries with opportunities for trained drone pilots include:

  • Agriculture
  • Applied technology
  • Aviation
  • Communication media, including film and video production
  • Construction
  • Criminal Justice
  • Engineering
  • Fire science
  • GIS mapping
  • Industrial technology
  • Law enforcement
  • Real estate marketing and management
  • Oil and gas technologies
  • Public safety

Aims UAS Operator Faculty and Staff

Learn from experienced faculty who will support you in achieving your unique goals for working with drones. Get support in determining how drones are used in a given industry and how to develop skills that will make you an asset to companies or to start your own business. 

  • Headshot of Eric Himler

    Eric Himler

    Director of Aviation
  • Portrait of Jake Marshall

    Jacob Marshall

    UAS Chief Instructor Pilot
  • Headshot of Norma Keeney

    Norma Keeney

    Staff Associate, Aviation