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Academic Affairs

The Aims Academic Affairs Department provides support to foster excellence in teaching and learning at the college by striving for continuous improvement with a growth mindset.

Aims is a learning college with a role of contributing to and shaping scenarios that empower learning through discovery, shared learning environments and knowledge acquisition. This approach prepares students to succeed in learning environments both within and beyond the classroom setting. 

Academic Affairs oversees certain committees, departments, facilities and academic programs at Aims, including:

Aims Academic Affairs Divisions

Aims has various academic degree-related and other educational departments that fall under two core divisions: liberal arts and sciences and career and technical education (CTE). Each division focuses on supporting student success and teaching excellence at Aims.

The Aims Arts and Sciences Division focuses on leadership in five areas from the strategic plan:

  • Development education redesign
  • Guided pathways
  • Developing academic programming
  • Support for the Aims LatinX population
  • Increasing engagement in writing across the curriculum and creating an academic honors program

The Aims Arts and Sciences Division supports students in the following programs to help them achieve their academic goals:

Contact Info

Scott Reichel
Dean, Arts and Sciences
Office: WSTV 278A
Phone: (970) 339-3600

Division Support Staff

Lindsey Oster
Staff Executive II, Arts & Science
Office: WSTV 278B
Phone: (970) 339-6296

Nicole Cordova
Staff Associate
Office WSTV 278
Phone: (970) 339-6296

Staff Associate
Office: WSTV 278
Phone: (970) 893-9876

Career and technical education (CTE) focuses on skilled trades, applied sciences and career preparation. Formerly known as “vocational education,” today the broader term CTE is used because many of these programs include coursework similar to that needed for four-year degrees. 

Each CTE program at Aims is served by an advisory committee comprised of representatives from business and industry, students and members of the general public. Advisory committees meet at least twice per year and give recommendations for program curriculum, equipment and training. Advisory committees do not focus on how students are taught; instead, they concentrate on the specific skills students need to learn in order to succeed in their career field. Because of their knowledge of current business and industry practices, advisory committees are also instrumental in developing new CTE programs. 

Aims has three CTE academic divisions:

  • Business and Technology
  • Allied Health and Wellness
  • Public Safety, Transportation and Workforce Development

Explore the Aims A.A.S. degrees and certificates

The Business and Technology Division of Academic Affairs includes the following CTE degree programs:

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture Sciences and Technology
  • Business
  • Communication Media
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Construction and Engineering Technology
  • Graphic Design and Rich Media
  • Industrial Technology and Energy Studies
  • Marketing and Management
  • Welding Technology

Contact Information

Jim Vernon
Academic Dean, Business & Technology
Office: ATTC 309A
Phone: 970-829-4982

Division Support Staff

Holly Allen
Staff Executive II, Business & Technology
Office: ATTC 309B
Phone: (970) 339-6252

Mindy Allmer
Staff Associate, Business & Technology
Office: ATTC 224G
Phone: (970) 339-6536

Linda Richardson
Staff Associate, Business & Technology
Office: ATTC 224H
Phone: (970) 339-6606

Kathy Stover
Staff Associate, Business & Technology
Office: ATTC 309C
Phone: (970) 339-6244

The Allied Health and Wellness Division of Academic Affairs includes the following CTE degree programs:

  • Allied Health Professional, Medical Assisting and Phlebotomy
  • Nurse Aide and Medical Preparation
  • Nursing
  • Physical Education
  • Radiologic Technology
  • Surgical Technology and Sterile Instrument Processing

Contact Information

Terry Anderson
Dean, Allied Health and Wellness
Office: AH&S 108A
Phone: (970) 339-6421

Division Support Staff

Anna Sanchez
Staff Executive II, Allied Health & Wellness
Phone: (970) 339-6611

Sheila Mayeda
Staff Associate, Nursing
Phone: (970) 339-6424

The Public Safety, Education, and Transportation Division of Academic Affairs includes the following CTE degree programs:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation/ATC
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Paramedic
  • Police Academy
  • Public Safety Institute - Criminal Justice, EMS and Fire Science

Contact Information

Susan Moreland
Dean, Public Safety, Education, & Transportation
Office: WPSI 251A
Phone: (970) 893-9542

Support Staff

Staff Executive II, Public Safety, Education, & Transportation
Office: WPSI 251
Phone: (970) 339-6621

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