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Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Student Engagement

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) welcomes all students with various identities, cultural perspectives, worldviews, and experiences to provide an inclusive space where students can build community, engage with topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, form new experiences, and learn about different avenues of support across Aims Community College. Our goal is to increase student engagement, support the growth and development of students, and create a space for students to critically engage with others and reflect on their unique experiences. 

Events and Programs

Our staff and peer specialists will host several events and programs that occur throughout the year, including but not limited to: 

  • National Coming Out Day 
  • Colorado Free Application Week 
  • Military Appreciation Week 
  • Aims Military Welcome Briefing 
  • Pumpkin Painting 
  • Linguistically Inclusive Game Night 
  • Juneteenth Celebration 
  • Black History Month 
  • Beyond the Birds and the Bees 

Reoccurring Events 

  • CDI Open House | A series featuring various resources and opportunities internal to Aims CC 
  • Critical Conversations | Topics include the Aims Read, Menstrual Equity, and Ageism
  • Aims for the Bards Open Mic | An opportunity for creatives to showcase their work (i.e., poetry, music, art) 
  • Respect Leads to Restoration | A volunteer opportunity beginning Spring 2023 

These are just some of the many events taking place this academic year. To stay up to date on all the upcoming events throughout the year, review the Aims Events Calendar, the CDI Instagram Page, and Aims Communications (i.e., Weekly, Daily, and email). 

CDI events and programs will change from year-to-year and this page will be updated accordingly. For the most accurate information about upcoming events visit the "Department Overview" and review The Weekly, The Daily, and the CDI Instagram Page on a regular basis.

Featured Content

Learn more about previous events and celebrations

Latinx Heritage Month | September 15 - October 15

Latinx Heritage Month (LHM) is a national observance that occurs every year from September 15th through October 15th to recognize the social, economic, and cultural contributions of the Latinx community as an integral part of the United States. The celebration encompasses the histories, heritage, and cultures from Central and South America, The Caribbean and Mexico, which also coincides with National Independence Day for Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua among other Latinx countries.

As the Nation’s largest ethnic minority, the diversity within the Latinx community is also celebrated and recognized as a pillar of the community’s strength and resiliency. Differences in generation, nationality, language, race and even geographic location add to the fabric of American society and counters the narrative that the Latinx community is homogenous. Here at Aims Community College over 30% of our student population identify as Latinx.

In recognition of LHM, students, staff and faculty were asked to share what LHM means to them and how they choose to celebrate. Watch the video below to hear how members of the Aims Community responded.

Latinx Heritage Month 2022