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Disability Access Services

Disability Access Services (DAS) at Aims Community College collaborates campus-wide to ensure students with disabilities have equal opportunities. DAS promotes an inclusive learning environment through information, resources, education and direct services to students, faculty and staff. 

DAS helps students with a documented disability receive the accommodations they need to ensure access, such as extended test time, note-taking, assistive technology and more. 

DAS Services


If you believe you qualify for academic accommodations, including sign language interpreting, follow the necessary steps to apply for and receive services.

Apply For Accommodations

Rights and Responsibilities

DAS uses the following rights and responsibilities lists to ensure students have access to equal opportunities.

See lists

Program Essential Skill

Essential skills sheets provide the typically necessary skills required to be successful in a particular program at Aims.

See Skill Sheets

Complaints and Concerns

Students with disabilities who have a concern about accommodations, services, or access on campus are encouraged to file a report with DAS so the problem can be resolved.

File a Complaint

Resources for Students with Disabilities

Disability Access Services is here to help ensure access during your time as a student at Aims Community College. In addition to providing accommodations to students with documented disabilities, we are committed to making sure you have the resources that will help you pursue your academic and career goals. 

You may find the following resources helpful as you navigate your education.

Our accessibility lab is equipped with many visual support tools including JAWS, ZoomText, and NVDA.

Read&Write and EquatIO software is available to all current students and employees at Aims. Both programs are installed on all student-use Mac and PC computers on campus. Students and employees are allowed to install EquatIO on personal devices at home using the same credentials that are used to log into the Aims website. Download these programs at


Read&Write Installation Instructions for Mac, Windows and Chrome

Our Favorite Read&Write Features:

  • Hear digital text read aloud
  • Dictate a paper with speech to text technology
  • Convert documents into mp3 files
  • Soften screen glare and reduce visual stress with screen masking
  • Convert paper documents and image-based PDFs into text-based digital documents


Our Favorite EquatIO Features:

  • Create your math and science expressions
  • Use Prediction to insert fractions, exponents, operators, formulas, and chemical symbols into documents
  • Create and customize single or multiple graphs, plot ordered pairs or tables of points with Desmos technology
  • Convert handwritten expressions into digital equations
  • Dictate equations and formulas aloud
  • Turn any equation across the web into accessible, editable math with the EquatIO Screenshot Reader

Microsoft Office

Office 365 is free for students using an e-mail address.

Disability Access Services Staff