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Headshot of Aims history instructor Annaliese Bonacquista

Annaliese Bonacquista

Part-Time Faculty: History

Educational Background

  • 2008: Master of Arts in United States History - University of Northern Colorado
  • 2008: Professional Teachers License, Social Studies - University of Northern Colorado
  • 2005: Bachelor of Arts in United States History, Major - Fort Lewis College
  • 2005: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Minor - Fort Lewis College

Professional Background

Annaliese Bonacquista is a history instructor in the Social Sciences Department of Aims Community College. She received her Master’s Degree from the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) in 2008 with a degree in History focusing exclusively on United States History, with an emphasis on the history of the west and minorities.

Annaliese attended and received a Bachelor’s degree from Fort Lewis College in 2005, focusing on majoring in History and minoring in Sociology. Her emphasis while at Fort Lewis was U.S. History.

Annaliese has many areas of U.S. history specialities: the importance of women’s history in America and the U.S., the impact and history of the American Indian in the U.S., western history, and lastly Colorado History. In particular, Annaliese has a passion for the impact of the “forgotten” voices of history, such as women and minorities.
Annaliese has taught at Aims Community College since 2008; from 2008-2012 in the classroom teaching a variety of classes, and from 2012-present teaching exclusively online.

In addition to her scholastic interests and commitments, Annaliese is an active member of the continued remembrance and honor of Colorado History, particularly the tragic Ludlow Massacre, part of the Colorado Coalfield War of 1913-14. She has written numerous articles and books on the subject, as well as been a part of numerous documentaries on Ludlow, including Palikari: Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre. Annaliese continues to research and work on this topic, and hopes to someday publish her final work, From Darkness to Sunshine.

Personal Interests

Annaliese and her husband Jason live in northern Colorado and love their surroundings! Both are ardent Coloradans, and enjoy various outdoor activities. While Jason enjoys hunting and camping, Annaliese loves being closer to home, hiking, walking, gardening, and her most favorite activity, reading! Coming from an Italian background, Annaliese prioritizes family, cooking, getting together for holidays, celebrations, and fun times. She is a third generation teacher, and second generation history teacher, so being around family is just an excuse to eat good food and talk about educating a new crop of students.
Annaliese calls her students her “kids”, which is so true! She views them as youngsters that she can help to inspire, educate, mentor, and help find the right path. Part of her personal life is the impact she makes on her students, which she hopes is very meaningful. Annaliese’s theme in all her classes is “legacy”, which has much to do with how someone impacts the “now” and how they’ll be remembered. What she hopes is that while students might have a lot on their plates, they might take her classes and learn a little about history, but also themselves and what they’re becoming!