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Earn an Associate Degree in History at Aims

Are you fascinated with the people, cultures and events of the past and how they continue to impact us today? The Aims associate degree in history gives you a solid foundation for earning a four-year history degree at a college or university. 

History is the documentation of the past as we know it, starting with the first written record thousands of years ago. At Aims, history is about much more than memorizing facts, names and dates. History is a social science that explores the past by understanding the tragic, triumphant and everyday stories of people from every walk of life who came before us. These stories of how people lived allow us to engage in the interconnected web where we can remember the past and use it to understand how we live today. 

Earning a history degree at Aims is an affordable start to getting your bachelor’s degree. Thanks to a statewide agreement between community colleges and universities, when you earn an associate degree in history at Aims, you can transfer to any participating four-year public university in Colorado as a junior and earn your bachelor’s degree in history. Taking your general education degree requirements at Aims instead of a four-year school can save you substantial costs. 

Gain History Knowledge and Academic Skills at Aims

Contrary to what you might think, history is a living social science involving cause and effect. What we know about history is constantly changing and being placed into new contexts as we gain new knowledge and perspectives. 

While earning an associate degree in history, you’ll study a fascinating array of topics that will help you hone your degree and career paths, including:

  • Political systems
  • The impact of warfare on society
  • Gender, sex, race, ethnicity, age and generational differences across time
  • Human systems such as economics
  • Class systems and hierarchies
  • Agriculture and industrialization
  • Language and linguistics
  • Cultures and cultural movements, including art, music and dance
  • Religion
  • Science

While pursuing an associate degree in history at Aims, you’ll gain skills that will prepare you to go on to a four-year school and pursue a career, including:

  • College-level research, including accessing and citing scholarly and academic sources
  • College-level critical writing and analysis
  • Reading and understanding large amounts of information
  • Information literacy
  • Critical college-level debate and oral expression

You’ll also gain and strengthen soft skills that translate to nearly every job, including:

  • Critical thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Punctuality
  • Time management
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Professionalism
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

Careers You Can Pursue With a History Degree

A four-year history degree allows you to pursue a wide array of occupations after graduation. You can pursue a career with businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, museums or universities. 

Examples of history careers you can pursue with a bachelor’s degree or higher in history include:

  • Educator
  • Attorney
  • Political scientist
  • Journalist
  • Writer or Author
  • Museum studies
  • Librarian
  • Archivist
  • Researcher

Continue Your History Studies at a Colorado Four-Year Public University

Below is a list of colleges and universities in Colorado that are a part of this statewide agreement and offer bachelor's degrees in history. 

Adams State University
(B.A. History, Anthropology & Political Science: History emphasis)
Colorado Mesa University
(B.A. History; History or Secondary Education concentrations)
Colorado State University - Fort Collins
(B.A. History; General History concentration)
Colorado State University - Pueblo 
(B.A. History; General emphasis; B.S. History; General emphasis) 
Fort Lewis College
(B.A. History; Public History concentration) 
Metropolitan State University of Denver
(B.A. History)
University of Colorado Boulder
(B.A. History) 
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
(B.A. History)
University of Colorado Denver
(B.A. History)
University of Northern Colorado
(B.A. History; Liberal Arts emphasis) 
Western Colorado University
(B.A. History)

Here’s what your journey from Aims to a bachelor’s degree in history will look like:

  1. An Aims Admissions Advisor can answer your questions about this degree transfer program and help you get started on the path to earning your degree.
  2. After becoming an Aims student, you’ll choose classes to earn your history associate degree. Your Aims Pathway Advisor will help ensure you follow the pathway that best suits you and helps you reach your goals.
  3. Throughout your time at Aims, you'll also work with an Aims Transfer Coach to get help choosing the school you’d like to transfer to and researching what scholarships are available.
  4. You can also reach out to a transfer advisor at your chosen four-year school to make sure you're choosing classes that will support you when you go on to complete your bachelor's degree.
  5. Before graduating from Aims, your Transfer Coach will help you prepare for the transition to your new school as a junior.
Aims2UNC Program

The Aims2UNC Transition Program

Aims2UNC is a joint initiative streamlining the path for students to seamlessly transition between the two colleges. You’ll get support from dedicated Aims2UNC advisors who will guide you as you earn your associate and bachelor's degrees in history.

Learn more

Leverage Your Associate Degree in History to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Related Subjects

While many Aims history students go on to earn a bachelor’s or higher degree in this social science, some go on to major in other related disciplines, including:

  • Political science
  • Ethnic studies
  • Women and gender studies
  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Geography
  • Library science

You can also choose one of the majors above and declare a minor in history. Work with your Pathway Advisor to choose the courses that you’ll need to fulfill degree requirements and understand that you may need to make up some credits if you choose a new major.

Aims History Faculty and Staff

The history faculty at Aims are passionate instructors with a love of history and an equal love of helping their students achieve their goals. Your history instructors will go above and beyond to help you understand difficult concepts and will make themselves available to meet with you individually as needed. With the smaller class sizes at Aims, you’ll have more chances for one-on-one interactions with classmates and faculty.