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The Aims Arts and Sciences Division

The Aims Arts and Sciences Division is made up of several academic departments. Each department is dedicated to supporting students in three primary areas:

  • Skill development for English language learners, guided study for students pursuing their GED, and foundational skill support in mathematics and college writing.
  • Overseeing the liberal arts degrees offered at Aims, which are either Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees.
  • Providing the general education courses that are a part of most degree and certificate programs at Aims.

Aims Arts and Sciences Departments

Aims has the following academic departments that support liberal arts degrees and general education requirements:

The Aims Arts and Sciences department names are also listed in the blue sidebar.

Aims Arts and Sciences Academic Departments

To find an Aims Arts and Sciences department by subject area, choose from the options listed below.

A Letter from Scott Reichel, Aims Arts and Sciences Division Dean

In the Arts and Sciences Division at Aims Community College, you will find foundational courses for just about any area of study that sparks your interest. The division offers the general education courses for all of our degrees and certificates. The Arts and Sciences Division is also responsible for the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science generalist degrees as well as multiple “Degrees with Designation” that allow you to focus on a particular area of interest.

The courses in the Arts and Sciences Division cover a breadth of academic study, from mathematics to English, from the natural sciences to the social and behavioral sciences, and from the creative arts to world languages.

If you're looking to transfer from Aims to a four-year institution, you will find yourself well prepared for the final two years of a Baccalaureate program. Highly qualified dedicated faculty teach classes of 20-30 students, creating an excellent learning environment designed to challenge and support you as you pursue your educational goals.

The Arts and Sciences administrative office is on the Greeley campus, in the Westview Building, on the 2nd floor, in Suite 278. Our division staff is here to help you connect with your instructors, find your classrooms, and answer your general questions about your classes and the support services that can help you along the way.  We are here to help!


Scott Reichel

The Aims Arts and Sciences Division Dean and Staff

A headshot of Scott Reichel, Academic Dean, Arts and Sciences

Scott Reichel

Academic Dean, Arts & Sciences
Lindsey Oster headshot

Lindsey Oster

Staff Executive II, Arts & Science
Headshot of Nicole Cordova

Nicole Cordova

Staff Associate, Arts & Sciences
Rebecca Alvarez headshot

Rebecca Alvarez

Staff Associate, Arts & Sciences

Aims Arts and Sciences Department Chairs