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Headshot of Aims biology and environmental science instructor Christina Seely

Christina Seely

Part-Time Faculty, Biology and Environmental Science

Educational Background

  • 2020 M.A. Biology; Miami University
  • 2003 B.S. Zoology; Colorado State University
  • 2001 A.S. Biology; Northeastern Junior College

Professional Background

Since 2004 Christina has been a Large Mammal Zookeeper at the Denver Zoo. Her focus was ungulates. In her 18 years with Denver Zoo she was selected to manage the North American captive population of Southern Gerenuk due to her extensive knowledge and experience with a species that was thought to be impossible to maintain in captivity. She showed others how training the species is the best way to manage the species and was a major player in the recent trend of training husbandry behaviors to ungulates. Because of this success with a fragile and flighty species she was asked to attend a summit in Moscow in 2018 to discuss Saiga antelope captive management strategies. She created a non-profit organization based around ungulate education and conservation as well as creating an ungulate management class for the Zoo Tech program at Pikes Peak Community College.

Personal Interests

Children, goats, and 4-H.  If you know anything about any of these things you know I don’t have time for anything else.