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Headshot of Aims history instructor Clint Heiner

Clint Heiner

Department Chair - Social Sciences
Professor, History

Mr. Clint Heiner, M.A., is the Chair of the Social Science Department and one of four full time history professors here at Aims. He received his Master's Degree in 2005 from UNC in American history with an emphasis in global/world studies. He received his Bachelor's Degree from UNC in 2003 in American and European history, with a minor in Cultural Anthropology. Mr. Heiner has many areas of interest; however, his specialties are modern (20th and 21st centuries) American military and social history. In particular, Mr. Heiner has a real passion and fascination for World War I, World War II, and Cold War history (both American and global), but he also has interests in American Indian history and culture and African American history and culture.

Mr. Heiner has taught at both UNC and Aims as a part-time history professor, but has been a full-time faculty member here at Aims since 2006. Mr. Heiner and his wife Stephanie are the proud parents of four beautiful children, three boys and one girl, whose names are Malcolm, Mekhi, JJ, and Hailey. Mr. Heiner often remarks on how his children/family and his job are what make up the bulk of how he spends his time. When he does have some time away from work and his children (which isn't often!) he enjoys reading historical literature, historiography, and fiction; he also enjoys writing poetry and short stories. Mr. Heiner loves the Colorado mountains, and it is in the mountains and nature where he truly feels connected and at peace. Indeed, the mountains are where Mr. Heiner goes in order to regenerate and heal. He also enjoys deep meditation, hiking, camping, and traveling as much as time will permit him.

His office is located in Westview 258. His email is His office phone is 970-339-6442. His direct line/cell is 970-481-7082.