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Work-Study FAQ

This page answers commonly asked questions about work-study awards. Click on the links in the sidebar to view the questions and answers for other financial aid-related topics. 

How do I apply for Work-Study?

When you file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you will indicate an interest in the Work-Study program. If you already filed FAFSA and you did not indicate an interest but would like to be considered for Work-Study, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.


My award letter indicates a Work-Study award; does this mean I am guaranteed a job?

No. A Work-Study award means you are eligible to find a Work-Study designated eligible job and earn up to the amount per semester indicated on your award letter. There are a limited number of Work-Study jobs; available jobs will be posted on the Careers page of the Aims website.


How much will I be paid through Work-Study?

Work-study employees must be paid at least minimum wage and are paid for the actual hours worked at the hourly wage for the position hired. You cannot earn more than the amount granted per semester on your award letter. Your actual earnings will be based upon the number of hours worked, and your hourly wage within the term; any unearned portion of your award will be forfeited.


What if I decide to decline my Work-Study award?

Declining your work-study award will not affect your other financial aid awards.


Can I decline my Work-Study award for only one semester?

Yes. You can cancel or reduce your Work-Study award for only one semester or the full school year. Once canceled, there is no guarantee funding will be available to reinstate the canceled award at a later time.


I declined my Work-Study award but have since found a Work-Study job where the supervisor wants to hire me. Am I eligible to be hired?

Work-Study funds are limited. You will need to check with the Office of Financial Aid to see if funding is available and if you still have eligibility for Work-Study. This needs to be done before accepting the job.


I declined Work-Study in a prior year; will this impact my Work-Study eligibility for this year or in future years?

No. Work-Study eligibility is determined each year based on your annual FAFSA and available funds.


Can I be hired to work more than one Work-Study job?

It is important to remember you are first and foremost a student. Therefore, it is recommended that students not work more than 25 hours per week. In certain situations, students are allowed to work in more than one area to meet their eligible hours. This must be coordinated through the departments involved and the Office of Student Employment before you secure the second job.


Where do I search for possible Work-Study positions?

  1. Visit the Student Job Board page.
  2. Click on "Current Aims Students" and follow the instructions to create your account
  3. Click on "Jobs" and filter by "On-Campus"
  4. Click on "Apply" in the job listing
  5. At this point, you will be required to complete each section of the job application and upload a resume, and cover letter and attach your Work Study Authorization form to your application.
  6. Click "Submit" when your application is fully completed and all required documents have been uploaded. Once submitted you will receive a confirmation number indicating that your application is ready for review by the hiring supervisor.

A hiring supervisor may contact you to schedule an interview. Prior to attending your scheduled interview(s), you will need to print your Work-Study Authorization form that was emailed to your Aims email address.