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Campus Safety& Security

Aims Guardian

Aims Guardian, which is a smartphone tool designed and produced by RAVE Guardian.

Aims Community College offers a revolutionary mobile smartphone solution to improve your safety on and off campus, called “Aims Guardian.” This app is a free service offered to all students, faculty and staff. 

About Aims Guardian

Aims Guardian is an application that works on any smartphone that uses the Android or IPhone systems. When you contact Campus Security during an emergency, it shows important information, such as your name and location -- dramatically increasing the odds that you can be found and helped.

Aims Guardian can also be used as a virtual campus escort. When you're crossing campus alone, you can set a Guardian timer on your phone day or night. When you arrive at your destination, deactivate it and campus security will never know you used the service.

If, however, something should happen to you on the way, security will know something is wrong after your timer expires. Then, security will check in on you, just to make sure you're OK. Additionally, there is an option that allows you to send anonymous tips to the security team. You can use it to report suspicious activities or persons, as well as safety concerns, such as a broken window or Icy and slippery sidewalks. There is even an option to add a picture in order to better identify the concern you are reporting.  

In order to use the Aims Guardian App, you must download the RAVE Guardian App.  This App can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Make sure you register the App using your Aims email address in order to connect to our Aims Guardian security system.